Rap-Up TV: Kid Cudi Answers Jay-Z’s Call + Drake Collabo

What do you do when you get the call to perform with Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden? “Don’t f**k this up,” says Kid Cudi on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The rap newcomer tells Rap-Up TV what it was like to share the stage with hip-hop’s “O.G.” and record for The Blueprint 3.

Is a Drake and Cudi collaboration in the near future? “Me and Drizzle are definitely working on something as soon as he gets better.” Plus, if Cudi, Wale, and Drizzy were to form a supergroup, what would it be called?

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  1. Quilt

    Cudi, Wale, Drake and J. Cole (maybe also Asher Roth). Now that would be crazy!!


  2. Giselle



  3. mad

    no…not asher roth

    and i like wale but why randomly ask about those specific three? i can see asking him about working with drake but then add wale too is random…


  4. bass_man

    that’s cool! i like the unity thing, i’d hate if they were beefing.


  5. Kevin

    @mad, Wale and Cudi are good friends, even before they blew up, so yeah… It’s not random


  6. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Damn the newcomers Cudi, Drake & Wale in one group that would be crazy, stupid, dumb retarded to have them all on one whole album it would be a hit & so swagged out.


  7. DJ Triumph

    love kid he that dude.


  8. MONKEY!



  9. mis.

    He’s cool!


  10. tanner

    no one likes j cole, so who ever said that is retarded. other than that those 3 calloborating would be amazing. it’s a good idea to me


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