Video: Jay-Z Performs on ‘Jonathan Ross’

Clad in plaid, Jay-Z performed a Lil’ Mama-free version of “Empire State of Mind” on “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” in the U.K. If you’re wondering who the chick filling in for Alicia Keys is, her name is Bridget Kelly. She also sang at Jay’s Madison Square Garden show on 9/11.

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  1. eriiclikewhoa

    damn, Bridget… she’s looking good!


  2. dante

    I’m really felin this Bridget Kelly chick. baby gurl got big pipes and she rockin that stage like a pro.cannot wait for her album next year. Roc Nation is comin hard. LOVE THIS SONG


  3. Lupito

    I watched this on TV last night and spent the whole time staring at Bridget.

    She really deserves a duet with the big man because she looks and sounds amazing.

    I never thought i’d say this but i actually preferred this version over Alicia’s and im a BIG Alicia fan.


  4. Asphix

    Fantastic video! When at us in Russia will learn so to act. Sorry for my English :)


  5. new bk fan

    wow , heard her voice last night walking past my flat mates room and was sucked in , been playin it all day , hate female singers usually but this girl got talent . whens her album out ?


  6. bass_man

    whoa Ms. Bridget, way to show up Jay! lol

    isn’t that the lady who showed up everyone at Michael’s memorial? the backup singer? I was trying to see if that was her.. I’ll google.


  7. Andrew

    My god, Bridget is incredible! Awesome voice and looks amazing. If she plays her cards right she could be a future Mrs Gibson


  8. Danners

    cant stand idiots wearing sunglasses inside … at night


  9. jones

    DAAAMMMN Bridget is fine


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