Cyndi Lauper’s Advice for Leona Lewis

Cyndi Lauper and Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis was inducted into the diva hall of fame on Thursday’s “VH1 Divas.” The “Bleeding Love” singer earned her stripes by being paired with Cyndi Lauper for an unforgettable duet and also received advice from the ’80s icon.

Lewis and Lauper performed the latter’s 1986 hit “True Colors” on the show. “It was so cool,” the British pop star told the next morning. “Cyndi’s like a great inspiration to me, so it was good to share the stage with her.”

The legendary diva even dished some words of wisdom to the diva-in-training. “She gave me loads of advice. She’s like, ‘When you sing, just sing from an emotional, real place and just sing every word like you’re just singing to your friend.’ I thought that was great.”

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  1. Omon Imo

    This is why Cyndi Lauper is an icon. And now she is show Leona Lewis the ropes. Simply phenomenal performance


  2. Bijan

    I love when they get older artists to give new singers advice. I feel like today’s generation’s music needs the soul of the older days!


  3. bass_man

    Cyndi be milking them two hits she had.

    lol i swear. that’s good though! She could’ve disappeared into obscurity.

    But those two, three songs are timeless.


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  5. tamara

    yeah i think u should throw a 80 party


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