On the Scene: Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Common, Boyz II Men, ?uestlove


Rihanna or bust. The sexy singer, clad in a sheer black top, white button-down shirt, leggings, and dark shades, spent her Saturday night at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in New York City. Sources at Def Jam tell us that the label is pushing for the release of her new album by the end of the year.

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  1. LaneDemos

    check out the song give it to me on LaneDemos youtube. time for a musical change!


  2. goons

    lupe, i am so glad to see him..love that man..


  3. Kyle

    People shouldn’t rush Rihanna’s project. I think she should have a 2010 album just to give it time to be just right.


  4. david

    rihanna album releasing last week of november….single coming soon !!

    kyle album is not being rushed she is most def. taking her time with this 1 and is very picky about what she wants


  5. Dunno

    I bought her last two albums and love them a lot. I, however, won’t be buying this one. I just really believe that she’s conformed musically so much that she has lost touch with who she really is. She’s very similar to Beyonce now a days (didn’t want to say it). The only female artist I like today is Ciara, sorry! She’s still the same, yet more, sophisticated, genuine person that stepped out onto the scene five years ago.

    P.S. So so so sorry for comparing, especially when it has to stop.


  6. T-Maine

    Dunno! Get a life, u sound dumb as hell…..


  7. Rha

    LMAO Ciara is not the same. She went from making crunk club joint with Luda and Petey Pablo to singing ditty disco pop songs with Justin Timberlake. Used to dress baggy clothes and have the tomboy image which everyone LOVED and now she’s trying to dress like Rihanna and Beyonce. Sad.

    Rihanna’s album will be hot as hell.


  8. Yan

    i kinda agree with Dunno. i see his point.


  9. bass_man

    i swear i never see this chick walk out of a studio. that tells you that when she wants to be seen, she is seen.


  10. Lily Jane

    Rihanna is similar to Beyonce, music wise, but personality, so different. Rihanna was so sweet & innocent her 1st 2 cd’s but that wasn’t working so she had to get Beyonce’d out with a little spice to set her apart. There music “now a days” are very similar too, beyonce just has a bigger voice though. Yeah Ciara is not her crunk old self but like Dunno said, she’s more sophisticated. All three artists have experienced growth, Rihanna just sounds like the Crazy In Love Beyonce now & Beyonce’s approaching Whitney/Tina Turner vocals. Ciara is approaching Mariah stylized singing (again style NOT like). Beyonce’s niche is big vocals while Ciara is dancing & Rihanna is Beyonce 3 years ago, with better success. People who tell other people, who don’t agree with you, are the ones who need to get a life. If Rihanna rocks then she rocks if people say she doesn’t, she doesn’t. I like Rihanna & this where I think they at musically.


  11. for yall infomation

    Rhianna has 3 other cd’s so y’all need to get on it and all of them was awesome


  12. Bhe

    FU8K What ya talking about! Rihanna is WHACK. Chris must’ve loosened something when he hit her, cause this girl is always walking around and not doin NOTHING! Get involved in some Charity work, help out your neighbor, instead of walking from store to restaurant, to store to restaurant.

    All this comparison crap needs to end, and we need to start holding OUR celebrities accountable, for everything they do, say, and portray!


  13. Music Critic

    As much as I love Rihanna, I’m not feeling her diva, b*tch attitude. I miss the Umbrella, S.O.S Rihanna, not this “I command the attension” person. Love all her songs but lost interest in her shallow body.


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