Video: Drake f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem – ‘Forever’

Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem

Drake gets an assist from Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Eminem in the explosive video for “Forever” off the More Than a Game soundtrack, in stores September 29.

Director Hype Williams attempts to win the title, but not even an all-star team can save this underwhelming video. Look for cameos from LeBron James and Slaughterhouse.

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  1. ashling

    what a freaking amazing song!!! =]


  2. DJ Triumph

    great song.


  3. 100% Nikehead

    i wasnt even expecting a video for this song. I agree the video coulda been better but Hype Williams did what he could under the circumstances given, the pyrotechnics definately brought the video up a notch though.


  4. Felix Phung




    lame!!! lol didnt even want 2 finish watching it lol


  6. dc84

    this video should’ve been about either rapping or lebron/basketball, not both.


  7. Urban Noize

    Em’ Just took a ish on everybody wit his seen! wow i had to pause his scene just write this lol…man


  8. Joyams

    Damn that’s hot!


  9. Gary



  10. Fresh Prince22

    the cameo probably shows “LeBrick” in the car exiting from the magics game, in which they tore them (clevland lebrons) up!

    Go Magics!


  11. UserQQQQ

    is it really a ‘cameo’ if he’s pretty much the protagonist of the video?


  12. 2007rap g

    kanye west rap rocks


  13. WHO

    wow. Em’ he’s awesome- that video is bit rough for me, though


  14. lindsay

    lil wayne is tha shit! drake too! femenim is such a joke! he wanna be black soooooooooooo bad! and we all know he aint nothing but trailer trash! him and his whole whiteboy fan base! cuz we all know thats who listens to him- 99% whiteboys!


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