Video: Mya Makes Her ‘DWTS’ Debut

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin

Despite injuring her hand a couple days earlier, Mya made her “Dancing with the Stars” debut on Tuesday, dancing the Viennese Waltz to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” She and partner Dmitry Chaplin received mixed reviews from the judges, but later won the relay competition.

How far do you think Miss Mya will go? Watch her performance below.

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  1. myalilbro

    omg she is soooooo beautyful i voted while i was at work way to set the bar


  2. Fresh Prince

    Dang whoever sung that “vision of love” sounded terrible, they need to be fired. As for mya, i didn’t know that case of the ex was her “BREAKOUT SINGLE” I thought it was lady marmalade or something.


  3. myalilbro

    mya mya mya you got this


  4. myalilbro

    i will help make her the top lady of the year lol


  5. mrbaxter

    Amazing, she looks beautiful. She HAS TO WIN THIS COMPETITION


  6. buddyreal

    good lookin cuz i damn sure missed it last nite


  7. Andre Le Dale

    Thanks rap-up, Mya you should have this in the bag, bring the #1 title back to DC.


  8. Kyle

    It’s so good to see Mya back in the spotlight. She is just too hot for words. Honestly I’ve always thought she has been one of the sexiest women in music, and yes…the dancing was amazing. She better win this.


  9. SwaggerAreUs

    I’ve always loved Mya and now she’s back on relevant American television. I couldn’t be more happy.

    Side-Note: Is it me or does she seems to be getting more and more gorgeous every time she is spotted?!


  10. dc84

    mya lookin good as hell! you can tell she has dancing experience


  11. dana

    2 thumbs up mya


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