Paul Wall Films New Video on iPhone

Paul Wall has a new video for “I Need Mo” featuring Kobe and Travis Barker off his Fast Life album, but get this: the entire thing was filmed using an iPhone 3GS, making it the first of its kind. Director Amir Valina was able to convince the rapper to shoot the clip entirely through the lens of the Apple device. It even received a proper premiere on MTV’s “Sucker Free.”

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  1. U.N.E (Urban Noize)

    paul wall has always been on point with the lyrics and wordplay. he definitely didnt disappoint me with this joint. i think hes one of the most underrated rappers comin out of texas, period.


  2. Star

    Wheres Mike Jones at. He need to Drop another album


  3. ugh

    paul wall looking like hes eating now. dayum haha. mike jones just dropped an album, its called “the voice” it was pretty good. always gotta love mike jones.


  4. Romase

    site best


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