VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009: Show

Ja Rule and Ashanti

Hip-hop royalty was under one roof as VH1 commemorated the 25th anniversary of Def Jam at VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009 on Wednesday (Sept. 23). Old school met new school at the 6th annual celebration in Brooklyn. Among the highlights…

• The Roots, Eminem, and DJ Jazzy Jeff opened with LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells.”
• Ja Rule and Ashanti reunited on stage to perform “Down for You” and “Always on Time.”
• DMX collaborated with Gym Class Heroes on his 1999 hit “Party Up.”
• Ludacris and Scarface represented for the South with “Guess Who’s Back” and “Southern Hospitality.”
• Mary J. Blige and Method Man reminisced over “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By.”
• Dressed as LL Cool J, Rick Ross took the stage to perform “Hustlin’.”
• Trey Songz filled in for Nate Dogg by performing “Regulate” with Warren G.
• Gym Class Heroes, Wale, and KRS-One covered the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”
• Foxy Brown and Fabolous closed the show as part of an all-star medley.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs Tuesday, October 13, at 9 p.m. EST/PST.

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  1. T-Maine

    Damn Foxy done got big as a house, lol


  2. Sofia

    What is with Em these days? Dudes been really branching out.


  3. JG

    all these artist were of the hookj, plus besides what people put out there they are the nicest down-to-earth people I’ve met..


  4. tell'em

    Foxy needs to hit the gym ASAP. Nice to see Mary and Meth. When does this air?


  5. Nola

    Y does foxy need to hit the Gym? I think she looks fine. She aint no where near as big as a house. Damn A bitch gain like 10 lbs n she’s obese. Damn shame. Yes Ima big girl. Im mad offended tht u guys would assume shes fat. Ugh. Get a life n stop tryna make people fat.We got enough mutherfuckers over here. But the show looks like fun. Cant wait to watch it Oct. 13 @ 9pm.


    Paul Reply:


    I’m not sure about you being fat, however, you clearly are not educated. Take an on line course and learn a something about english please.


  6. Catie

    Em’s looking so skinny. I can’t wait to see Ja and Ashanti perform again, i miss those days.


  7. wateva

    I can’t wait to see this…Ja and Ashanti on the same stage? I can’t wait to see Meth, DMX, Mary J., Eve and Foxy.


  8. trillestbitch

    I can’t wait ta see Fox on stage I took the whole day off work ta see this shit.


  9. Big J

    Is anyone noticing–or maybe it hasn’t been spoken about–but is LL Cool J involved at all in the honors?–I don’t see anywhere of him being mentioned as an honoree or a host.


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  11. Papa Low

    Big J, LL got his props right out the gate. he was 1st. marshall mathers spit rock the bells!!!!!!


  12. Papa Low

    LL couldnt make it to the show cause hes in LA filming NCIS.


  13. Rapologist

    I’ve seen “The Roots” in better form. No one performed with any energy except Public Enemy. Brothers were performing like they were trying to get Chuck D a “Reality Show”. The Rock-N-Roll band threw every song off except P.E.’s. Method Man was out there like he was trying to get that back tax money. I had a problem with no qualified Black rappers to rap LL’s songs. It also seemed like everybody on stage felt like they got jerked by Lyor Cohen and Russell and them at one time or another. KRS-1 – I was just thinking “Black Cop” as he was freestyling to Beastie Boys. Jews control television, but Black Americans and Puerto Ricans need to get together one day and give awards to pioneers for the the music they created called “Rap Music” and honor – Sylvia Robinson who started the “Rap Industry” with “Sugar Hill”, Dj Mr. Magic for first promoting Rap Music on the radio, and the editors of Rap Masters magazine, and Fab 5 Freddy for bringing Rap Music to video. Once Black people credit themselves for what they created (Kemet), then we can honor and worship “other” people. Read books like “The Origin of Rap Music”, not “How jews saved hip-hop” books and documentaries, because they didn’t. They stole our history, and replaced our people with “their” people, once again. The Bronx sold out to the jews with their magazine, television, and radio and record comapnies a long time ago. BET and the NAACP are owned by jews, so we got to go grassroots in honoring “our” own. Anti-semetic? Look up Kemet and see who stole and changed the history – starting with the Bible or Torah.


  14. rec

    Rapologist? Not likely, sound like a hatin little girl with no respect where respect is due. Show was for def jam,the artist, and the history and respect of that. Not money, race,weight and whatever else u weirdos talkin about. Show was great,


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