Video: Keri Hilson Covers Mr Hudson

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson flew overseas to give British star Mr Hudson’s “Supernova” a reggae makeover for BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge. Miss Keri also performed an acoustic version of “Energy” on the U.K. radio program.

Source: You Heard That New

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  1. Vaun

    Vocals arent all that…the runs & upper registry notes are cute but her chest register fails.

    Cute Vids though


  2. Stuyridah

    Get It Bish… Keri you get stronger everytime i see you perform you have to admit keri is going places


  3. ugh

    Energy wasnt all that great. her backup vocals did more harm than assist her.
    1:14 “…how could two be as aoaaaone…” i thought my speaker was messing with me but home girl really did hit that “note”.
    bottom line, i love keri but she should not try to do anymore acoustics or reggae(wtf?)


  4. Don

    wow, I like this take on it, the vocals at the breakdown aren’t the tea, but get it Keri.


  5. Star

    she looks cute


  6. Giselle

    She killed the first song. Love it!


  7. 100% Nikehead

    mmm i love me some Keri Hilson she killed that supernova joint she sounded amazing!


  8. goons

    yep miss keri is going places and i love it!!!


  9. Carl

    I thought she did a horrible job on energy.


  10. Yan

    Great cover. Her voice is good, but she’s needin’ some vocal rest.


  11. Yan

    Lome me some reggae


  12. bass_man

    She killed, gave the eulogy, and buried that Supernova cover! sorry. but she did.

    energy on the other hand was weak


  13. tee

    beyonce wasnt that great live when she first came out so how can yall hate she can sing and her songs are mature she has a badass album stop hatin this girl can dance to seen her at doin the moonwalk she aint just another female singers shes gonna be a icon


  14. jeff

    keri is pretty i love her music she can sing as well as beyonce but keri is prettier than beyonce she makes better music too im tired of all the crouch bee is serving shes a hoe beyonce needs to growup and make real r&b like her 1st solo album before keri hilson knock her off the map


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