Video: Ester Dean Makes Her TV Debut

Singer-songriter Ester Dean made her TV debut on Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” performing “Drop It Low” from the More Than a Game soundtrack. Chris Brown, who is featured on the song, was not present, but Auto-Tune was.

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  1. Dillon_68

    I LOVE her swag! She did a good performance too!

    She reminds me of a mixture between Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige.


  2. tell'em

    A hott auto-tune mess. I don’t see how this is supposed to be a “good” performance. With her using mega autotune and just doing that one dance twice. I don’t wanna hear this song but in the club or in the car going to the club so I don’t have the see her fried unmarketable-self or even take the song serious for that matter.. Anyone can get a record deal it seems.


  3. 100% Nikehead

    Damn that shit was auto tuned out to the extreme T-pain must be proud lmfao!


  4. samantha

    The auto-tune was a mess!!

    She has a good voice..she culd hav just sung without it…it wuld have been good..
    And if chris sung with wuld have been the best!!


  5. Giselle

    A hot mess. I’m gonna leave it at that.


  6. goons

    yep, ester has a good voice and should have never used autotune..this was a mess and hope she improves with was her first performance ever on tv so i will give her pass..i wanna see better ester..leave that autotune pliz!!!


  7. Isis

    I love this song, but her performance wasn’t good at all! She should not have used auto tune and she definately needed Chris! It’s hot song though can’t wait for the video!


  8. 100% Nikehead

    at isis: The video is already out!


  9. Dominicano

    “Chris Brown, who is featured on the song, was not present, but Auto-Tune was.”

    Rap-UP LOL!!!!


  10. hautmess

    ohhhh noooooo.. girl u cant stand there with autotune and get people to buy your records.

    i’m feeling Muffy way more.. her new jam with gotti is fire.. cant wait to see more of her.


  11. hautmess

    her popularity is gonna be droppin droppin droppin real loooOoOOoow.


  12. hautmess

    on a positive note, major major major props for trying.. some people dont even get that far.


  13. MaZ

    This live was an Auto-tune overdose!

    The original version is way better and addictive. The auto-tune thing was easy and she didn’t even try to dance. Was excepting more. I agree with Dillon_68 for Missy Elliott. The two should work together.


  14. Vaun



  15. Matt

    WTF is this shit


  16. bass_man

    that’s embarrassing…


  17. gkindaguy

    a mess.. please stop! wow.. quit while ur ahead!


    latasha write Reply:

    @gkindaguy, u need 2 stop haten dat gurl


  18. Big-A

    embarrassing, annoying. what a mess. one of the worst live “performances” I ever saw


  19. Bark + Bite

    Awful. The auto-tuned ruined her “singing” and she couldn’t even dance. With that gigantic hoody and sunglasses on, she looked like ET doing the Cha Cha dance.


  20. tell'em

    @hautmess yeah, I’m feeling Muffy. Rap-Up needs to do a feature on her..


  21. Stephonne

    Oh Rap-up, lol… you sooo funny! I dig her but I wish she would have danced and engaged to crowd more. she is new though. she has time and the ability to write. She is very much a young potential Missy. think about it… Missy doesn’t really tour or perform a lot. She collects checks and does hot videos. Lets give Ms. Dean a chance.


  22. Bettyboopbbw

    Why in the hell would someone that CAN sing use that mess? She messed that performance up to crap. MAD AT YOU ESTER>>> DONT DO THAT NO MORE>


  23. connect

    this sucked ass


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