Melody Thornton’s 25th Birthday

Melody Thornton

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton celebrated her 25th birthday with friends and family on Saturday (Sept. 26). The festivities started with dinner at Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant Beso and the party later continued at Empire nightclub in Hollywood. Happy birthday Melody from your friends at Rap-Up!

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  1. Diamond

    AWWWWLLLL lol look like they had fun wish i could of been there i love melody and if they dont handle whatever solo project she has coming up right im gonna be disappointed her range shatters nicole’s…..but…..not gonna go there lol but anywho love this chick!


  2. Dominicano

    Loook at my boo!!! is that her sister in the black dress???


  3. Dave

    I love her, YAY!!! Can’t wait till she release a solo cd, this lil woman can SANG her ass OFFF!!! She looks cute here too, hope she enjoyed herself.


  4. Diamond

    @dominicano yeah it is


  5. VH1's Celebrity

    I Love Watching Nicole Dance… She Be Gettin It!! Ha.


  6. iwona xD

    I love Melody !!! ;**


  7. me

    hEy!!maRy j FU~cken RREAL!!!love you for thAt!!!!!!!!YoU came To seE mY FRiend LExy,& We blew…………UppER E SIde#i thInk it WAs weSt side For BIGgie,i aLwaYs lOved You boTh,Both dont frOnt.& tHats wHat i lOve,nIOt the sOngs,IU loVe your INTEGRATY…………COMA^^^=MADE ME LOsT…….hOPe,YOu READ THIS iu AM A 2%ER a mIRIcLE,FORREAlS & rEAL FoLKS aRE A bLESSING!!!!!!!!!I WAS W/ p> DOLLs BUT MY pRUETT..No MORE,HEY…….ROBYN!STILL dONT RESPECT oH jONaTHAN.oPPPS!


  8. Reebeca

    You absolutely must post a puictre of your pink hair! Oh, and happy nearly birthday! I’ve always been able to remember when you and Shannon celebrate yours becuase my mom’s is the same day. :D I watched The Biggest Loser for the first time this last week and I cried. I felt like such an idiot, crying at a TV show that I had literally never seen before, but… it was just so heart warming. And, I think it hit a little too close to home for me. Trying to decide if I’m going to keep watching or not.


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