New Music: Shakira f/ T-Pain – ‘She Wolf (Remix)’

Shakira and T-Pain

We’re suffering from third-degree burns after listening to T-Pain’s scorcher of a remix to Shakira’s “She Wolf.” Not even Jay-Z can kill this vibe.

Shakira f/ T-Pain – “She Wolf (Official Remix)”

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    I’m definitely diggin’ it!


  2. Stephonne



  3. dr

    very much a club banger!!!


  4. ruby

    OMG i love it!!!!!


  5. ugh

    i like this remix, there is no doubt t-pain is talented at what he does and even production wise. he hit it to a more urban sound without losing the disco sound of the original. this is alot better than that r.kelly remix


  6. Giselle

    I like this. Of it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.


  7. James

    Rap-Up, you guys NEED to post about Britney Spears’ smokin’ hot new single “3,” off her upcoming greatest hits compilation “The Singles Collection,” in stores November 24th.


  8. Catie

    Loves it. I thought T-Pain would ruin it but he didn’t.

    I agree with James and i love how you plugged her album. Are you a fellow Britney stan Britney’s new song is amazing (and controversial).


  9. Catie

    *Are you a fellow Britney stan?


  10. jk



  11. Edi


    love it


  12. joe



  13. DJ Triumph

    i like it. thank rap-up.


  14. Nik Xero

    WOW! Teddy made this song so much better! I love Shakira, but the original was kinda lame. This I can bump.


  15. Urban Noize

    Florida Stand up! i can see my big homie T-Pain goin in like he always does! thats one creative genius right there!



    i love shakira’s new song wid Tpain ever,


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