adidas Originals by Originals Launch


A well-heeled Ciara kicked it with David Beckham at the adidas Originals by Originals launch party celebrating the collaboration between the soccer star and streetwear designer James Bond in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Sept. 30). CiCi is featured in an upcoming adidas commercial with Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Adrienne Bailon, Ryan Leslie, and more.

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  1. queen beyonce

    daym david beckham is the HOTTEST male dresser in the WORLD!! His Swagggggerrrrr is crazy HOT!


  2. kyra

    I’m sooooo happy for my girl Ci
    the commercial,the new Album…yaaaaayyy


  3. Harris

    Cici so beautiful! lov!!! :DDD


  4. Dave



  5. Carl

    Ciara is so beautiful.


  6. Tano

    C looks good….
    The rest are ok ….


  7. An0thrDream

    ciara looks amazing – this is such a good look


  8. mkkycgj

    damn…them legs are ridiculous


  9. beatles

    oh my gosh ciara is so beautiful…im her #1 fan know that lolz


  10. CiaraStand4Lyf

    Shes So Pretty Gotta Love Ciara


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