Lady Gaga Explains Tour Cancellation

Kanye West and Lady GaGa

After abruptly calling an end to their “Fame Kills” tour on Thursday, Lady Gaga is revealing the reason behind the cancellation.

Gaga said the decision to kill the joint tour was mutually agreed upon by herself and Kanye West. The pop singer will embark on her own headlining tour soon and is busy promoting her Fame Monster album re-release and new single “Bad Romance.”

“It was a mutual decision,” Gaga told at the Billboard Women in Music Event on Friday. “But the good news is that I’m going on tour in a few weeks.”

While Gaga is basking in the glow of the spotlight, West plans to drop out of the limelight. “Kanye’s going to take some time off,” she said.

Laurie Ann Gibson, Gaga’s choreographer who was working on the shows, tweeted that “creative differences” led to the tour’s demise.

Refunds will be given to all those who purchased tickets.

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  1. Yan

    Creative Differences = Huge-Ass-Ego Differences


  2. An0thrDream

    Im rooting for Lady Gaga


  3. Giselle

    Well I’ll be at any show to see Lady Gaga. She puts on a good show. Whatever Kanye is dealing with I hope he deals with it and move on.


  4. Emran

    Maybe this whole mess will revive the old Kanye :)


  5. Pinoy

    Probably she knew Kanye would steal the mic and scream Beyonce deserves this and that.


  6. Unknown

    Haha! Excellent Pinoy!


  7. DJ Triumph

    kanye come back better.


  8. SwaggerAreUs

    Kanye is probably working on a new album and touring w/ Lady Gaga wouldn’ve been the best idea in my eyes because I don’t wanna sit thru a set of Lady Gaga’s…she a dope artist, but I don’t wanna pay to see her…


  9. hautmess

    thank god. we all know lady gaga will have no douche up in her game..

    i’m glad shes going on her own tour.. the only reason i would of gone to that show was for her….


  10. Doug

    Man, What Happened to the Good Times With Kanye? Man, I Sure Hope He Gets Better and Goes Back to At Least the ” Graduation/Glow In the Dark” Kanye. I Hope I Will Go See Lady GaGa!


  11. Catie

    I was really excited to go to their tour too.


  12. Team Ciara

    Follow the Ciara Clique>>>>>


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