Sneak Peek: T.I. on ‘Behind the Music’


T.I. may be behind bars, but this Thursday he’s on “Behind the Music.” The King of the South takes viewers on a guided tour of his life, from running the streets as a drug dealer to running the charts. The episode airs October 8 at 10 p.m. EST/PST on VH1. Watch excerpts from the show below.

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  1. Whaaa

    T.I put bankhead on the map


  2. mississippi girl

    Love T.I. Hope he get and get married!!!


  3. LOL

    free tip!


  4. free

    how about make FREETIP trending topic on twitter


  5. Star

    yea we should make FreeTip a trending topic on twiter


  6. mukhtar

    hey t.i l just want to ask you something my name is mukhtar and l real love man l hope you just come to my school because some black is try to fight me and l real need there man


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