Video: Rick Ross Takes a Toss

Officer down. Rick Ross came crashing to the floor like a ton of bricks during a recent show. The Boss was performing “Out Here Grindin’” when it all fell down. Now he deserves a spot on our 10 Greatest Falls in Hip-Hop and R&B.

Source: via Rap Radar

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  1. dr

    big ass i feel so good to see him fall.


  2. Diamond

    *dies laughing* wonder how much that was on the rictor scale -_-


  3. ashlyn bethel

    man….i have not laughed this hard in forever…looks like he went straight through the stage..he didnt fall off he fell through LMBO


  4. John

    you know 50 gonna laugh at him for dat


  5. drtash

    Diamond….I AGREE…I was thinking….EARTHQUAKE!!!AAAAAHHH!!(jokes) But none of them will ever beat Beyonce’s fall…that was LEGENDARY!!I love me some beyonce…BRUISES AND ALL!!lol!!


  6. thuggalevel

    Did you see the jolt shoot up his fat when his body hit the ground? lol


  7. SwaggerAreUs

    Damn! LMFAO. He still tried to perform on the stage sitting halfway up! His audience was laughing @ him. I know 50 gonna have a field day w/ this video.


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