Album Cover: Leona Lewis – ‘Echo’


Leona Lewis heightens the elegance factor on the slick cover of her sophomore album Echo, available November 17. “The X Factor” winner departs from her trademark ballads with dance cuts like “Outta My Head” produced by Max Martin.

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  1. q

    why are3 they trying to make her look like beyonce


  2. Fresh Prince

    She looks good, I c their tryin to make her look more “edgier” but in my opinion, she took the reigns from mariah carey (in terms of ballads, not overall speaking). Let’s hope she put more soul into her songs cuz sometimes they can come off as dull.


  3. Chris

    Stunning cover. She has a beautiful voice. I will buy this for sure.


  4. bobby



  5. Giselle

    Stunning. I love it.


  6. vizionwarp

    SLAYING!!!! Stunning! Loves It



    its funny how nobody rushed in here to claim shes beyonce. let it had been one of those other rnb singers


  8. Carl

    Something Beyonce would do.


  9. Brandon

    I didn’t know Beyonce had even another alter ego called “Leona Lewis”. hah.


  10. Facebook User

    she looks really photoshoped
    she got wet hair but still had time to put on make up and lipstick haha
    not feeling this at all…as im not feeling her new music either


  11. LOL

    she look like Bey.


  12. PHRESH




  13. Vaun

    A. She looks nothing like Bey

    B. Umm Hell, u can apply make up and slick someones hair back without wetting the face.

    C. Leona you look Great!


    ed Reply:

    @Vaun, very true


  14. Jimee Vallas

    i think she looks amazing!!!
    im a crazed beyonce fan, and i will say she does look like beyonce here…
    but i still think she looks sooo good!!


  15. MACH

    she looks amazing.. f*ck beyonce!!!! I’m so damn sick of it.. Beyonce copied off Vanessa Williams on her album cover anyway! Y’all are so brainwashed, late, and just plain ignorant to the fact that beyonce hasn’t done anything original since she wore those tacky outfits Tina made.


    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Reply:

    @MACH, i agree with your statement 100%


  16. Fresh Prince

    @ MACH

    i agree, she did copy that from vanessa williams “comfort zone” cd cover….i thought i was the only one who noticed that….


  17. David

    Leona Matters, PUNCH!!


  18. DJ Triumph

    great cover i like this.


  19. Jay2009

    God, that screams BEYYYYYOUUUUNCEEEEEEE !!!


  20. dan

    y’all get on my nerves with everyone looks like beyonce…. damn, beyonce is not god!!!

    Album Cover is hot! Not what I expected.

    Heopefully she has more uptempo tunes on it, so that the cover fits


  21. Maik

    i love it


  22. wtf

    hot leona..cant wait for the album..its on my list of “to get”!!


  23. Jay2009

    ain’t nobody saying Beyonce is God, just saying that Leona looks like Beyonce on that picture, there’s nothing wrong about that


  24. Boom

    shes looks good, but its too photoshopped maybe a nose job too!


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  26. sarah

    Ripping off beyonce, cept she doesn’t have the face to pull it off. Leona has an amazing voice, but no soul. So dull, i bet her live shows are *yawwwn* sooooo boring. Get some originality and personality leona.


  27. Patti

    Its obvious Leona is trying to look like Bey. She should crawl to Bey and apologize. The bottom of Beyonce’s shoe is more powerful and sexier than that lady! Beyonce is GOD! CALL IT LIKE IT IS!


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