Shyne’s Homecoming Put on Hold


Instead of being welcomed home after serving an over eight-year prison sentence, Shyne is being held in custody and could face deportation.

The rapper, born Jamal Barrow, was set to be released from prison on Tuesday (Oct. 6) after serving his sentence stemming from a 1999 club shooting involving Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.

Representatives for Shyne revealed to MTV News that his release is now under review as officials determine whether or not to deport the Brooklyn MC, who was born in Belize. He is being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at an undisclosed location in New York.

“Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined,” the rep told MTV News. Shyne’s attorney Oscar Michelen said that contrary to reports, his client had not been released as of Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. John

    poor guy


  2. Jordan

    we gotta do sumthin 2 turn it around Slick Rick got away from being deported


  3. tell'em

    give the man a break. he’s done his time..


  4. 100% Nikehead

    wtf let the man live the rest of his life, he has served his time jeez!!!!


  5. Doug

    Don’t Deport Him. He’s Done His Damn Time, Let Him Go!


  6. Burmy

    Shows you exactly what Obama’s changed (see last week’s SNL intro for more info)


  7. erv gotty

    we in paradise dwn here brother! if u r look’n to continue your transformation beig sent to belize is not as bad as it may seem!


  8. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    WTF they need to let him stay in the U.S. he did his time when Diddy was the one who shoulda been in jail not Shyne.


  9. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    i agree diddy should of been in jail


  10. Blank

    Everybody wanna shine of BIG. Get it? Shine tryna sound like BIG when he rhyme.

    Lil Kim Quote ;b


  11. DJ Game

    so they didnt want to deport him when he was arrested, but they even need to debate about this when he’s a free man? GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE! THIS IS WHY OUR GOVERNMENT IS BULLSH*T! and honestly i dont care what anyone says, black, white, spanish, or asian, politics is politics and theyre all the same. F*ck the government!


  12. CK

    Slick Rick got pardoned by Patterson. If he wants the hood to back him up he can do the same for Shyne.


  13. EDWARD

    they said diddy had that gun then give to him,they used to be friends he have money he’s the only one can do big things to save him


  14. Pedro Sergio

    Deported to Belize, please US dont do that…… diddy do something….. bad boy for life you are aiight??!!!!


  15. Black Mamba

    Shyne can be deported to Belize…??!!! thats bad news for him


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