New Music: Jennifer Lopez f/ Pitbull – ‘Fresh Out the Oven’

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez introduces the world to her alter-ego Lola on her buzz single “Fresh Out the Oven” from her seventh studio album. Pharrell and Pitbull help turn the temperature up. Are Jenny’s latest goods half-baked or ready for consumption?

Jennifer Lopez f/ Pitbull – “Fresh Out the Oven”

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  1. dan

    next big flop!

    like her, but the song is shit


  2. Rap*



  3. Carl

    She can’t put it back in the oven, thanks.


  4. AJ

    idk about this 1…i like the beat and all and its kinda catchy but its not all that good and she sound kinda bad. lyrics interesting though. who wrote it?


  5. ouchhh!

    i kinda like the song (and im not a jenny from the block fan at all)

    …i have a feeling the video will help spark greater interest for sure. expect a half-naked j lo..or lola, whatever names shes going by these days.

    sidenote: I’m kinda mad she’s doing the alter-ego thing….didnt we just see this from Beyonce’s sasha fierce? check out to see what i’m talkin about…smh


  6. tavia

    sad to say but i am not feeling this at all…i heard some other stuff from her new album and its hot!!! i dont’ know what happened with this song…;-(


  7. Not a good picture of J-Lo

    J-Lo isn’t looking too good…


  8. mal

    not a bad song, but Lola??? come on now lol
    to many modern day imitators out here


  9. Pinoy

    JLO should retire and take her ass with her.


  10. ron.e

    wow.. this is really bad.


  11. HAAAAA

    mhhh its …….weird lol release it as a promo!


  12. lopez

    ¿porque lola? porque todas crean un alter ego
    como la puta de shakira (Loba), la diosa
    de beyonce (sasha fierce) y la negra talentosa (cici super horoe? ) , la primera en tener un alter-ego
    fue jenn con el video PLAY, love don’t cost a thing, etc …
    J-LO is the only alter-ego of jenn


  13. joe

    it’s a nice lil’ song, but nothing that massive!


    tomatoes Reply:

    @joe, but her ass is


  14. Leon Burke

    A sure hit!!!!!


  15. Catie

    What happened to her releasing a greatest hits album?

    The song isn’t bad, it got better as it went along.


  16. Kevin

    I love her and I’ll support the cause but why is she playin’ herself with this “Lola” persona? If anything she should take pride in the fact that she was “J.Lo” way before Mariah was “Mimi” and Beyonce was “Sasha”. I did go to the site and they showed a clip which give me hope for the video. I just hope she comes out looking like the baddest bitch and shits on all them other hoes.


    lindsay Reply:

    @Kevin, ur crazy as hell if u think a no talent ass has been like j-hoe is gonna shit on beautiful, talented bad bitches like beyonce and especially the diva of all divas mariah carey! keep dreaming!


  17. davidf

    nothing like boy’s fire, she sounded hot.this one is weak.


  18. Elida

    It’s better than I thought. I think she have done without the Lola thing. I love J-Lo and think thid is a hot song.


  19. SoDandy

    seriously, I don’t like the song!


  20. Mark David

    they are very very ahhhhmmmmmmmm…….


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