Unrapped: British Songstress Lolene


Lolene has a penchant for pancakes and she’s unapologetic for her craving. “It’s well-deserved,” she admits. “My trainer kicked my ass this morning.” As the latest imported talent hailing from the U.K., the singer with the spiraling, cocoa-colored curls has her own high-energy kick to deliver in the form of her debut single “Sexy People.”

Besides writing songs as a young girl in Bristol, England, Lolene, also known as Miss Foo Foo (“Like Beyoncé plays off her Sasha Fierce ego”), received the privileged opportunity to sing backing vocals on Rick Ross’ J.R. Rotem-produced track “The Boss.” She’s also lent her talent to artists ranging from Eminem to Christina Milian (“Diamonds”). Lately, the songstress has dedicated her writing skills to her debut album, The Electrick Hotel (Capitol/EMI Records), due out in early 2010. “I decided [on that title for] my album because I am the Electrick Hotel,” she says with a fit of laughter. “I’ve got many rooms, many different vibes. So ‘Sexy People’ is like the penthouse party.”

Though she’s worked with some of hip-hop’s elite, Lolene cites her musical influences outside of the genre: Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, and Rick James. “I actually adore Rick James,” admits Lolene. “I love his showmanship, I love his bravery, and his pimpness.” Calling on her own feisty nature, Lolene takes notes from those artists to create a fusion of retro-pop as heard on one of her earlier tracks, “Boujis Baby.” So does the busy pop star tend to partake in any “boujis” self-indulgences during her downtime? “I love massages and like to get pampered.”

–Nadia Chanté

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  1. test123

    not feeling her or her sound. sounds cheap. she’s also more a vocalist than a singer to me


  2. lidyaBigger1

    I LOVE this cchick, fresh and most def sexy. She is brave and cant wait for the album


  3. Mrmusic33

    Lolene is a dope writer and this is a club banger. He style is dope and I love this tune man.


  4. Sugarpie2287

    the hook to this song is so goood.. can’t stop singgingg!!


  5. J-C

    Absolute tune! Lolene is awesome. Looking forward to the album, and also hear she is performing in the next couple weeks…def gonna try go!


  6. SuperFann

    Unfortunately she is just another LSLH chick to add to an already over saturated music industry full of average looking lightskinned girls with minimal talent *Womp Womp Womp* try and again Rap-up!


  7. Errol DJ

    Big up Lolene dope song “sexy People” righteous chickkk. keep on writing those great songs. awesome looking babe.


  8. jamaica gal

    We loving you lolene you beautiful girl sexy people track in the clubs yeah Rap-up


  9. Catie

    It’s actually pretty good, i can see it doing decent here in the states.


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