Wale’s ‘Attention’ Distracted Once More

Attention: Deficit

The nagging pushback strikes again. Wale’s debut album has suffered a minor setback.

Attention: Deficit has a new release date of November 10, moving it back one week from the previous date of November 3. The project’s original release date was in September.

Until then, the D.C. rapper will be busy learning the ropes from Jay-Z as they visit college campus arenas and other venues, alongside N.E.R.D. and J. Cole, on a North American tour, beginning this Friday at Penn State University. Click here for dates.

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  1. Doug

    This Is the Third Pushback. It’s only by a week! He should move it back to 11/3
    (Follow Me On Twitter twitter.com/DougWasHere)


  2. Travis

    Damn, again? I’ve been waiting for this for the longest. I’m feeling that deja vu from his last mixtape Back To The Feature.
    I know its only a week difference, but these constant push backs get annoying. Please Wale, bless us with a album that was worth the wait. I been here since Paint A Picture 2005 days….


  3. cosign

    cosign travis. plz no more push backs, we been waitin 4 too long. still lookin forward to it and that ”fly away” joint he’s supposed to leak soon thats not on the album


  4. Star

    wat noooooooooo not again


  5. ChillWill

    Im in thw 11th grade. I think the first time i heard Wale was in like 7th grade. I been down since Paint a Picture too..When he pushed it back to go on tour wit Hov i said “acceptable” but idk why its pushed back this time….Im gettin pissed off lls


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