Jay-Z Jumps to Eminem’s Defense

Jay-Z and Eminem

MTV released its 2009 list of the Hottest MCs in the Game and Eminem was noticeably absent, causing quite a stir on the Internet. Jay-Z, who came in at No. 1, defended Eminem in a letter to MTV News.

“MTV, Thanx for this nod of appreciation. Although I don’t strive to be ‘hot’ for any particular year, I thank you for the acknowledgment. My whole goal is to be recognized as the best ever. I created the term ‘best rapper alive’ as a sign of respect to my fallen comrades (Biggie and Tupac). I believe I’ve allowed a significant grace period, and I believe I would not be respecting myself if being the absolute best was not my goal, and that’s why I continue to push myself until exhaustion … salute.

Sidebar: Kanye moment if I may … Eminem?!?! I think you do the credibility of this list a disservice if you don’t thoroughly explain his omission. As of this second he has the highest selling rap album of the year and a scene stealing verse on the best ‘posse’ cut of the year. (*Hands mic back to Taylor Swift … and nobody was harmed, I apologize in advance.)”

MTV has responded to Em’s omission by saying, “Eminem is one of the best ever on the mic. His track record is undeniable. The Hottest list deals with right now, though. If the Brain Trust had compiled the Hottest list back in May, there’s no doubt Eminem would have made the Top 10.”

Click here for the full list.

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  1. bladeruner

    Em is a great MC, but he’s not Hip Hop. He’s a pop artist.



    @bladeruner, wtf are you talking about lil kid…drake=pop kanye=pop jay z’s whole commercial album= pop music


    Ritz Reply:

    @SHES SUPPOSE TO BE THE GREATEST!!!, Exactly, Em is pure hip hop.


  2. Sofia

    MTV.. I thought the list was called “Hottest Emcees of 2009″ not just September of 2009. And it was fucking obvious that they pushed the date back so as to accomodate Jay Z’s album and it’s release.

    Sorry, I aint getting all emotional or nothing over this. Lol. It’s just a list and i’m sure Eminem doesn’t rate himself by what MTV says but I just thought it was mad disrespectful of them and I think they disincluded Em because they think he aint the “cool rapper kids talk about in school” anymore. Wtf? Thats just stupid. Right now – Ems like in the position where if he drops a track right now, it heats up the internet and everyone at school will be bumpin it for at least a week. Doesn’t matter if its shit or not. Its the fact that it’s EMINEM! The sole reason he’s gained this status is because he keeps himself hidden and isn’t dropping track after track after track.

    Props to Jay Z though for that. Very humble of him to see that theres something dubious about this list.

    I thought it just made the list look real stupid having peeps like Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane on there and not Eminem. Defies all logic.


  3. Keisha

    @bladeruner, Stupidest comment ever. That makes Jay-Z a pop artist too.


  4. Sofia

    Eminem is waaaay more hip hop than 99% of that list. Really the only one MORE hip hop than him on that list is Raekwon.

    Mad props to Jay Z for recognising that and seeing theres something real dubious about this list.

    It was stupid to have Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy on and then say because Ems album was back in May he shouldn’t be included.


  5. BP86


    nearly every MC has dabbled in pop every now and then. Em is far from pop.He is hip hop and deserves his props.


  6. An0thrDream

    eminems one of the greatest if not THE greatest rapper alive. He is one of the most diverse rappers the world has ever seen as well as one of the most successful.


  7. Star

    Those guys sittint at the round table are Fu***n stupid They should of put T.I. and Eminem on their


  8. S

    Wow Jay-z speaks the truth. Mtv should cut the bullshit explaination and just say what is really up. They didn’t Em on the list period, because the excuse they gave makes no sense whatsoever. Its the hotest MC of 2009 not the hottest MC from July to October.
    Just say you’ll didnt want him on your crap list and be done with it.


  9. Star

    damm i just saw Behind the music and I defenitly thicnk T.I. deserves some respect. He has been thru a lot and is still putting out music. Still getting awards whuile in Prision Remember Me peaked a #29 and would of peaked higer but due to problems with the lable was removed. He recently released Hell of a life. and he just got nomionated for some Awards at the Bet Hip-Hop Awards so he needs to be up on their. Yall done fu**ed up bad


  10. Giselle

    MTV is STILL fucking stupid. If the list was made in May he would have made it? What’s the fucking difference? Out of all the rappers this year, Eminem went Platinum and sold more than anybody. Their reasoning doesn’t make any sense what so ever. I totally agree with Jay-Z. That is all.


  11. Star

    If we keep on talking about this Mtv is going to have to reticnk this so keep the talk coming Eminem and T.I. should be on their


  12. em support. hah

    if em’s a pop artist…EVERY RAPPER IS A POP ARTIST. lol

    point blank, when did kanyes cd come out…uhhh november, uhh rick ross cd…both came out before em’s cd did. and hes better than both of them! and you cant say cause they did features in songs, cause em did too! mtv is losing my respect just like BET did a long time ago.

    respect to jay-z for pointing that out, cause i said the same thing, but of course mtv wouldnt have responded. lol


  13. ryy

    eminem should be no. 1.

    not jayz

    and i think jayz realizes that.


  14. bass_man

    that was a bullshit response lol

    Jay-Z’s kanye moment = WIN.

    MTV’s reasoning = FAIL.


  15. Fresh Prince

    Lol @ ‘kanye moment’ and yes he should be on the list. Ru trying to say gucci mane was better than him? Gtfoh!!!!and jimmy—- mean drake, he haven’t even came out wit a album


  16. Curvaceous

    MTV got it right. Eminem is a washout. Blahh.dumb boy.


  17. Catie

    That list doesn’t make any logical sense. What they’re saying is that the list has to do with rappers who are hot right now yet Fabolous is on that list and i don’t see him anywhere. Eminem belongs on that list, period.


  18. queen beyonce

    WHERE IS T.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. YoMommaMan

    wtf? of course eminem should of been the first one on the list most young people now days dont know the difference between pop, hip hop or rap, i guess releasing commercial albums n songs has messed with peoples minds… but i aint tripping i give jigga props for standing up as for mtv, F*** MTV thats why nobody watches that channel in the first pace


  20. JWB

    wow, I just now saw the full list and it baffles me why 50 and Jeezy even made the list. I also think Rae was put on due to respect. (no disrespect, OB4CL is hot) but let’s be real.

    if this is for the “hottest”, first off, neither of the two (50 and Jeezy) did anything relevant this year to the public eye. (the mixtapes 50 did were decent at best) Either one of those two could of easily been replaced by Eminem. I can understand Gucci and Kanye tearing up the guest spots though.


  21. 313

    yea EM should of made that list and t.i. too

    every1 is forgeting about t.i. even though his albumn went 2x platinum and had 2 songs that went no.1 on hot 100.

    jeezy deserves his spot, the recession was sick


  22. Monique

    it kills me everybody saying em should be in that list he not best rapper alive never was never will be he sucks jay of all ppl i would expect to jump on his side


    Jess Reply:

    @Monique, He doesn’t have to be the best rapper alive to earn a place on that list. Everyone has diff opinions on whos the best right now (majority think Em thought) but this list clearly aint about rap. Its about “hottness”. Fucking stupid.


  23. Star

    MTV is stupid where is T.I. he had a 2 x platnium album 2#1 on the billboard hot 100 2 Top5 hits
    swaga like us and Dead and gine at #2 plus 2nd best sellin Hip hop album of 08 and if im not mistaken 4th of the year


  24. DJ Triumph

    jay-z is a real dude.


  25. Dillon

    Heres the List

    Kanye West
    Lil Wayne
    Rick Ross


  26. UserQQQQ

    what’s the posse cut he’s talking about?


    Jess Reply:

    @UserQQQQ, Forver by Drake, Lil Wayne, Em and Kanye.


  27. Jlee

    Nas, Luda & rick Ross should not b on that list, I’m sure we could argue about Luda & ross but nas come on man, I understand he’s goin 4 the pro black stuff but nobodies feelin it, gimme that music wen u were goin hard vs jay bak n the day as 4 em shoulda been on the list cuz gucci is retarded as jeezy said & people keep bringing up recession & paper trail accomplishments but that was 2008 lets keep it fresh


  28. lindsay

    there must have not been enough whites around cuz everybody knows thats who eminem appeals to, trailer trash whiteboys that wanna be ghetto, just like himself. come on whiteys, get out out there and put that caucasion on top! this is an outrage! lol


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