New Music: Mariah Carey f/ OJ Da Juiceman, Big Boi, & Gucci Mane- ‘H.A.T.E.U. (Remix)’

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has an obsession for Gucci Mane. The rapper appears on the official remix to “H.A.T.E.U.,” the third single off Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Jermaine Dupri returns to the boards by sampling Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo” and adding OJ Da Juiceman and Big Boi to the mix. JD + MC = Classic

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  1. !!

    Hey this is pretty good! Love the original love the remix!


  2. ouchhh!

    i love’d the original song – this is taking me back to middle schol days. good shit JD!!
    “I want to be your lady baby”


  3. Danielit0

    thz iz a d0penesz asz re~miX imma dig9iN tHz TracK.
    I beT sUm 0f Ya iz g0nnA HatE 0n Da SoNg, DaT iT sUcKz…Cuz y’aLl DnT kNOe whUt DoPe MuZiK iZ.
    AnYwh0 tHz Iz StIlL My bEaT wIt Da Gh0zt TwN dJ’z
    g0 MRs. Mc & tHAnk gOD gUcc! mAne DidnT sAy A stUpID
    aSz LyRiC iN dA s0Ng hE wOUlda Phuqd up Da s0nG…


    UserQQQQ Reply:

    dude how to you even type like that. Do you have a macro that engages the shift function every 20 milliseconds or something? that takes much more effort than anyone should be expending.


  4. BP86

    She covered”MY BOO”!! holy sh*t! we ALL grew up on THAT song. smart decision,bc no joke, ‘my boo’ is in my top ten favorite songs of all time.


  5. joy

    This smells of desperation- her album will continue to fall and nothing will sav eit.,


  6. bass_man

    no….they didn’t. THAT IS THE JAM, that song brings back sooo many memories of my childhood!!

    JD and Mariah, there’s a spark to whatever they do and think that’s what her album was missing.


  7. Danielit0

    y0 mang, imma f!llin thz d0penesz asz tRacK TaK!n Bk Ta My bo0. thz iz s!ck wit it..
    imma juzt hopein y’aLl Dnt b Hat!n 0n da s0ng cuz i kn0e sum of y’all w!Ll biTch3z..
    I gLAd Dat gUcCi MAne didnT SaY a StUpiD a DuMb LyRiC in Da S0Ng… D0 DaT sHyt mRs. Mc wIt Thz re~mIx…H0Lla


  8. Enbie

    Love Mariah but I prefer the original, maybe this will grow on me though.


  9. 100% Nikehead

    Damn ghost town dj’s, takes me back to the 90′s, ahh the good ol days, the best days of my life i have so many memories! Mariah definately gets points with this, nothing will ever touch the original though!


  10. Jeremy

    Love the orginal song so much but this song is hot!! She is the Queen of the remix!!!


  11. Fresh Prince

    I guess…mariah is tryin TOO HARD to get some hood cred.

    but whatever. Is mariah pregnant?


  12. Frisco MrCarey Amos



  13. Maik

    WOW! Mariah just keep and keep and keep impressing me!!!!!! MC THE BEST :]


  14. JO-J0

    i like it!


  15. Dillon_68



  16. Johnny

    Awesome! Mariah definitely knows how to put out a remix.


  17. Jae

    Ohhh I love Mariah. I don’t care what people have to say about her or her albums. ‘Memoirs’ is one of my favorite albums by her and this remix album is going to be a great addition. I’m loving this.


  18. The Queen Bee

    She has nothing on Beyonce. This remix will flop like her album. All hail Queen Bee!


  19. Enbie

    The remix of Candy Bling featuring T-Pain sounds good too (it was only a clip though).


  20. LiCari

    track is straight fireee!
    Mariah is my girl!


  21. Kilyan

    @ JoY…Your momma was deSperate too when she let that homeless guy do her and 9 months later..There U are !

    MC has always been doing rmx of any of her song.All songs from TEOM has remix.

    Theres no desperation here …She can still sit on your haters face while eating popcorn..She will still sell 2 millions !


  22. GeeMan

    That”s a how a MC remix is supposed to be new vocals and different production nice addition of the my boo song gives it that old school feel. MC+ JD= Classic.


  23. bkdude

    Wow!!! Once again, Mariah demonstrates that she is the queen of the remix. This is brillant!


  24. hellosinjin

    Although I adore this remix, She shouldve just chose one of todays top rappers and kept the original beat. But it’s still hot!


  25. DAMN, MIMI!!!!!

    The REMIX QUEEN is back!!!!!


  26. Curvaceous

    This remix makes HATEU a good song. The original gets on my nerves real quick. Yup jD and MC is the magic combination. Let JD remix the whole Memoirs to get the effect Dream them shoulda got in the damn beginning: A Mariah record!


  27. Star

    althought her album flopped ( her songs are good i dont hate i just say wats true lol


  28. joe

    love you mc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. kykylicious

    great great remix! The vibe is a real throwback to her 90s heydays, n love the re-recorded vocals especially! JD shld do more remixes for the new remix album, they create magic!


  30. dan

    third single?
    i’m still waiting for the video of i want to know what love is…

    think it would have been a hit with more promo and a video

    the problem with mariah’s last two albums were wrong singles…

    with e=mc² she should have choose touch my body, then i stay in love, then o.o.c or that chick…and of course migrate!

    and with this cd should have been standing o, h.a.t.e.u., ribbon and angels cry…

    just wrong singles…cause the cds were both great!

    fact is, she chose the right singles on emancipation! except say something…


  31. t

    The orginial is pretty good, but the remix is even better. She still got it no matter wat the media say, HOT.


  32. cash

    Shee always resings her songss , I lovee that . this is sooooo good. the remix album + original = AMAZING. she’s doing this for the real fans, not the masses . this album has been praised by most critics, 1st week sells are nothing on how epic this is.


  33. davidf



  34. Drizzy

    O MAN! this is classic!! reminds me of the my all/stay a while remix! she is bringing quality back! wow!!


  35. shando

    ok sans plus



    love this! sounds oldskool!!

    MC is the best!!


  37. Oebie

    This is how it should’ve been:

    1. Obsessed
    2. Standing O (would’ve been such a hit on radio!)
    3. Angels Cry (perfect ballad for the Holidays)
    4. Up Out My Face (a fun and catchy song)
    5. Inseparable or H.A.T.E.U. (but Inseparable is more radio friendly)

    I’m sad because they chose the wrong follow-up single IWTKWLI, again (like Bye Bye with E=MC2)!


  38. whitneyoncrack

    Imagine music w/out Mariah = :(


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