Video: Beyoncé Tried to Stop Lil’ Mama

MTV aired a special on the VMAs entitled “What You Didn’t Know,” which showed Beyoncé trying to stop Lil’ Mama from crashing the stage during Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” performance with Alicia Keys. But not even Mrs. Carter could hold her back.

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  1. Sowhat??

    OH please. Lil mama was trying to pull beyonce with her. bey didnt stopped her!!

    I love jay-z!!! he’s the effin truth but please divorce from beyonce. she’s a effin fakeasss b****



    Keisha Reply:

    @Sowhat??, u are a crazzzy person. jay should watch out for people like you.


    ye Reply:

    just stop talking your coming off stupid.


    Diamond Reply:

    @Sowhat??, LMFAO this probly lil mama on an assumed account -_-


  2. queen beyonce

    oh hell no lil mama just didnt disrespect beyonce like that lil shat!


  3. Jay2009

    OMG Beyonce should have just slapped her to cool her down, lil bitch !


  4. Cassie11



    SwaggerAreUs Reply:

    @Cassie11, GTFOH.


  5. Carl



  6. SwaggerAreUs

    Bee tried to stop her…she wasn’t hearing it…then Jay-Z wasn’t feelin’ it….Uber fail Lil’ Mama.


  7. Nadia Hearts Music

    She sure is a loyal wife!


  8. Music Fan

    Lil Mama is a nobody in the music industry and has no right being to be on stage. Screw her!


  9. Fun Time

    This is so staged that it’s pathetic…. how desperate cam MTV and some musicians be to get in the game like this? Please!!!!


  10. An0thrDream

    LiL mama’s intrusion was NOT staged. Jay Z and Alicia would NEVER agree to down their status like that.

    Total disrespect to beyonce for not respecting her wishes. Especially cuz she’s jay-z’s wife. c’mon now.


  11. Lil' Nello

    B should have just gone all old-style Destiny’s Child on her ass to make sure she wouldn’t get on stage!


  12. Nick

    Jay-Z is a Freemason(AKA Satanist).

    The End.


  13. Giselle

    These comments are FUNNY.


  14. 100% Nikehead

    Beyonce shoulda ran up and swooped her up like a lost child


  15. i love beyonce

    ah hell naw this dogg face looking bitch lil papa disrespected da queen she really lost major major points wit me she gon pay for dat shit and on top of she hops on stage hell naw f u c k lil papa…


  16. Stephonne



  17. Catie

    It looks more like Lil Mama was trying to bring Beyonce up on stage with her rather than Beyonce trying to hold her back.


  18. tomatoes

    Lil Piranha really makes me physically sick to my stomach…



    It looks more like Lil Mama tried to pull Beyonce up on stage with her.



    @ i love beyonce

    you need help, its not the serious. o wow, she tried to bring bee on stage with here. i hardly call that disrespecting somebody.


    My Opinion Reply:,

    So true! Funny how they tryin to jump on lil mama but want us to ignore kanye’s b*tch a.s.s.

    Even the president called kanye a jack a.s.s.

    Sorry but to me this looks like beyonce got owned. where was Sasha?


  21. sar23

    LMAO….readin dis three yrs later nd i cnt stop lafin. all y’all r sooo funny. BeyHive#


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