Mariah Carey’s Vegas Finale

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey took a swing on stage at her last of four special engagements in Las Vegas on Saturday (Oct. 10). MC performed new material from her Memoirs album at The Pearl Theater at the Palms Resort & Casino. She celebrated her husband Nick Cannon’s birthday in Sin City with “clowns and midgets.” Watch a clip of her performing “I Want to Know What Love Is” below.

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  1. AJC

    Her voice is amazing.


  2. Rulebreaker

    When the video for “I Want to Know What Love Is” will be released? Damn.


  3. Carl

    This woman gets to much hate nowdays! Do yo thing Mimi!!!!!


  4. Timothy

    I love her. She’s the greatest voice I’ve ever heard.


  5. Enbie

    WOW! Her vocals were incredible. Is this going to get released on DVD…? I was expecting this to be a fan recorded video from the event but it wasn’t…?


  6. DJ Triumph

    love it. she did great.


  7. bobby

    yall know damn well that was not her singing the camera was not on her until she was doing that fake ass whistle note


  8. Enbie

    Well even if she was lip-synching she still has a great voice. Yes, studio trickery can enhance singers voices but you can’t make someone like Britney sound like Mariah or Whitney through studio trickery alone, so she obviously still has something there. It may not be what it was in the 90s but Mariah still has one of the greatest voices regardless!!! I couldn’t care less if she mimed or not ‘cus I know she can still sing her ass off!!!


  9. Scott

    Best voice on the planet


  10. Jennifer

    Did you see her on the Today Show last week? The camera was on her the entire 4 songs and you could hear and see every breath and note. Sorry but unlike many singers Mariah doesn’t have to resort to lip-synching.


  11. Tamone

    yall know this was LIVE ! & AMAZING !
    mariah is an angel ! we are blessed everyday
    to be able to hear her music !


  12. shando



  13. Giselle

    She sounds and looks amazing!


  14. Kilyan

    thiS woman is just amaZing to me…
    Poeple are expecting waY too muCh from her.

    She been here for 20 yearS…She ain’t got nothin to prove… anymore..

    She has settled herSelf as a Legend & as a Role Model for a lot of singers.

    She iS trulY bleSsed…


  15. Catie

    She sounds great!


  16. jamie

    I saw her at the Palms on Saturday. No lipsyncing, she still has an outstanding voice and can hit those high notes live. Amazing artist, songwriter, producer and actress. Can’t take that away from her!


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