Nick Cannon’s Vegas Birthday Bash

Mariah and Nick

Nick Cannon celebrated his 29th birthday with a party at The Bank nightclub inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas following his wife’s show at the Palms Resort & Casino on Saturday (Oct. 10). Mrs. Cannon, Aubrey O’Day, Mekhi Phifer, and Nick’s mother toasted the birthday boy. Watch Mariah sing “Happy Birthday” to her husband, “DJ Sexy Fingers,” below.

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  1. bkdude44

    OMG!!! What a note! she is the greatest.


  2. Enbie

    Aww, Mimi and DJ Sexy Fingers make a cute little couple. I agree with the “what a note comment!” All I got say is… “Love me down ’til I hit the top of my soprano”


  3. LiCari

    LMAO at the name
    DJ Sexy Fingers ; how cute !

    & Mariah just blew ALL her hater out of the
    water with that note.. my girl still got it!


  4. Giselle

    They really do make a lovely couple. She seems really happy, and he does as well. Happy belated birthday to Nick.

    Why did D-listers show up though? :-/


  5. Catie

    I don’t know why but i still find it so odd that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are married (and its been like a year and a half now). They do seem like a cute couple though.



    Ahwww I’m so happy 4 them they do make da cutest couple and Im so glad they still maken haterz mad by still being 2gether n now they r expecting so happy 4 them!


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