R. Kelly Unveils ‘Untitled’ Album Cover, New Single


R. Kelly goes from the bedroom (“Number One”) to church on “Religious,” the second single from his new album Untitled, now set for a December 1 release. Kellz’ “Ladies Make Some Noise!” tour kicked off last week. Listen below.

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  1. Jess

    That song is boring.


  2. SPBT

    pedophiles singing about church…how appropriate…


  3. D.S.J.

    this song is hot and can we please let that pedophile bullshit go he was find innocent so drop it please its way more people out in the world doing bad shit and this song is hot god gives second chances to all and forgives people so keep doing your stuff kells and let the haters inspire you people hate greatness so keep it going.


  4. Holara

    that cover is horrible.


    rt Reply:

    @Holara, are u blind. stop hatin on him everyone can see that thats a sexy cover. also itz unique. nd by the way im nt quite feeling religious as i felt number one.


  5. swaynasty

    i read reply of spbt holara and i can t let you say what you said , let what happened in the past , in the past and listen the beauty of this song and the art of this cover remember , only god can judge …


  6. me

    wow those first comments is stupid and bias the song is very good 5 star should be hitting airwave very soon haters so turn off ur radio all day cause it got to be played all day.


  7. well

    wow kelz yea welcome back


  8. mz.WipeMeDown

    Kellz is that shit and he’s sexy as ever. I will be making noise at the concert on 11/17. I love Kellz he is #1!!


  9. Felicia

    I think the song is HOT it could be used as a wedding song for the man to say to his wife to be!!! I LOVE YOU R.KELLY. Keep making those HIT SONGS !!! I Will be making alot of NOISE ON 11-22-09 When you come to Greensboro NC


  10. gregdcritic

    Kells is always coming out with good music that crosses all genres. This is a matured version of Kells. Despite all the problems in his personal life he still suprises the world with hits.


  11. IloveMusic

    This album is going to be GREAT!!!! I love his music from ECHO to Number 1…UNTITLED DEC>1 im going to get 2 Copies!


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