50 Cent’s Album Pushed Back Again

Before I Self Destruct

The week of November 24 is about to get even more crowded. 50 Cent’s fourth studio album Before I Self Destruct will now hit stores during the busiest release week of the year.

The follow-up to 2007′s Curtis has been pushed back six days to Monday, November 23, Rap-Up.com can confirm. It was previously scheduled for a November 17 release.

The album and accompanying film of the same name are set to arrive the same week as Rihanna’s fourth album, Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, Timbaland’s Shock Value 2, and Britney Spears’ The Singles Collection. Click here for an updated release schedule.

Music and movies aren’t the only projects Fiddy will be promoting. The hip-hop mogul will also launch a new cologne, Power by 50, in Macy’s stores this fall.

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  1. Danielit0

    o PhUq nO,m tHz Iz a pHuQ!N h0t Asz MeSz ThZ iZ JuZt D0In 2 MuCh NoW


  2. Star

    50 got a lot of competition


  3. Mark

    who is 50?


  4. Mii

    50 Cents album will be the only one i go buy that week


  5. 100% Nikehead



  6. Catie

    He had a much better shot of selling more if he kept the album’s release date on Nov 17th.


  7. Star

    i thicnk he will do Really good


  8. A Big Butt and a Smile

    Am i the only one who is wondering why dude is still rapping?

    He needs to sit back, conduct business and produce other folk…maybe if he focuse don his G-unit click more they could actually eat instead of living off the scraps from his table.

    A Big Butt and a Smile.com


  9. An0thrDream

    Im rooting for him


  10. Pinoy

    I’m hearing FLOP!!!!


  11. gwapgainer

    i’m coppin it still, 50 BISD = Classic


  12. 100% Nikehead

    Only one people are checkin for on G-Unit is Lloyd Banks. Hunger for more is a definate classic, he needs to drop another album already!


  13. bass_man

    He needs to get on the grind..where’s the single?


  14. dfvgdx

    What does the first comment say? I can’t read retard.


  15. D

    Of course 50 Cent will sell 700k 1st week, he has a smash hit single out right now that is heavy on the radios, “Baby by me”, plus his show behind the music on VH1 broke records, its the most watched show since july 2000, 2.2mil people watched 50 Cent: Behind the music on VH1, Before I Self Destruct = GRODT 09


  16. Andre420

    I already got this cd bootlegged and its better than The Massacure & Curtis most definatly. Not many songs about sex and love like normal 50. And Danielit0 u need to learn how to type correctly, dumbass.


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