New Music: Ne-Yo – ‘Never Knew I Needed’


Ne-Yo lives happily ever after on “Never Knew I Needed,” a ballad from the soundtrack to Disney’s animated feature The Princess and the Frog: Tiana and Her Princess Friends, in stores on Super Monday. Melina has been booked to direct the accompanying video.

Ne-Yo – “Never Knew I Needed”

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  1. Danielit0

    !f d3y d!dNt sAy !t wAz FrM a DiSnEy mOv!3, i w0uLdA dIgG3d Da s0nG m0rE.


  2. Quilt

    ^^ Well, you definitely fit into that age group though.


  3. Danielit0

    thx da phuq ouTtA y3aH 4 CalL!n Me !n Da aG3 Gr0uP, bUt Gu3sZ U MuThA pHuqAz St!Ll G0nNa ReAd My Gh3tT0 aSZ tYp!n S0 DnT bItcH Ta Me CaUz3 U cNt Han9 W!t !T


    bass_man Reply:

    @Danielit0, you..not so much.


  4. DJ Triumph

    love the song disney or not thank rap-up.


  5. Dillon_68

    Lol at the immature person 2 posts above me….

    Regardless of Disney or not, this song is hot! I hope its a hit, I wouldn’t mind if this transitioned over as his 1st single from his next album, we NEED a new Ne-Yo album…SOON!


  6. LOL

    g8 point Danielit0. you kick ass


  7. bass_man

    Good look Ne-Yo!


  8. Rally

    I love the song 2 … it`s very sweet doesn`t matter it`s from disney movie : ]


  9. lesly garcia

    I LOVE YOU NE-YO BABY I WISH I CULD MEET U IN REAL LYFE; but it lookz lyke im never goin 2, i want 2 SEE U BABY us so sexyy; && KEEP DOIN WAT U DO I LUV ALL YO MUSIC n ur albums. LOVE U

    ♥Much love,Lesly♥ [aka ur #1 fan baby]


  10. lesly garcia

    I LOVE YOU♥♥♥


  11. N.B

    this song is hot regardless for a disney movie or not.But of course i mean look who were talking about (Ne-yo).Anything he makes comes out amazing so this is no surprise especially to me (how big of a ne-yo fan i am) Good job ne-yo keep up on doing what you do Sincerely your number ~1~ fan.


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