New Music: Shakira f/ Lil Wayne & Timbaland – ‘Give It Up to Me’

Shakira and Lil Wayne

The mega-talented trio of Shakira, Lil Wayne, and Timbaland join forces on “Give It Up to Me,” the next single from the U.S. release of Shakira’s She Wolf. The Colombian bombshell spices up Mr. Mosley’s exotic beat, while Weezy raps about Shakira’s nunchuck-like hips.

Shakira f/ Lil Wayne & Timbaland – “Give It Up to Me”

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  1. Jakub Cerlica

    it’s not her 2nd single, it’s from Timbaland’s Shock Value 2


  2. Jakub Cerlica

    yeah, it’s gonna appear on US version of She Wolf probably coz it’ll be released in November. But Timbaland himself said he’s gonna have Shakira on SV2 & i guess this is the song, or maybe they did more songs than SV2 gets different.

    and as far as i know 2nd single in us still is Did It Again


  3. Danielit0

    y’aLl MuThA pHUqAz R s0 Wr0ng Wr0ng Wr0n9… It Iz ShAk!rAz 2Nd S!ngl3 0fF hEr Sh3 w0LF AlbUm Sp3ciAl EdiTi0n nXt TyME gEt It RiGht By0TCh3z


  4. Shakiras Hips

    rap-up always gets it right. some fans think they know everything

    love the song!


  5. Giselle

    Go Shakira!


  6. Jakub Cerlica

    if it’s true that it’s a single i’m taking a bow to rap up, but there’s no mentioning other source than ryan seacrest’s radio’s site, and there’s only:
    “The song is set to appear on Shakira’s upcoming American album “She Wolf”.”
    and as for me, it doesn’t mean ‘being a single’ at this point.


  7. chris86

    This single is not listed on her tracklist and I highly doubt she just added this track and so it will probably be on tim’s cd since her official 2nd single is going to be the pharrell produced did it again. Rap-up doesn’t always have it right, but no matter what the song is hot (better without wayne’s gibberish) and I’ll be getting both cds.


  8. Gabbie

    this is from the US release, not international. the tracklisting for that is not out.


  9. Its the truth.

    Its average.

    Wanye is trash, can’t understand a word he spits.

    However, Timba will always be dope.


  10. unknown

    ok you obviously dont care about Timbaland’s music fans because this is going to be on his album. most posts about his album even stated this exact song weeks ago!! its not hers!


  11. Stephonne

    hot song period.


  12. Ponyo

    Its from Shock Value 2. Timbaland previewed some of the tracks from his album and this was apart of it. Unless she’s also gonna add this to the US release of her album, then its possible it could be her 2nd single.


  13. bass_man

    eh..I don’t know why claiming Timbaland. Let Shakira take the rap for this mediocre track.


  14. Hotlanta

    rap-up was right… this is officially shakira’s second single


  15. andrew

    Woww….what a tune, not even in my dreams I would’ve thought a trio between Shakira, Lil wayne and Timbo,but it works really well…a future hit for sure!


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