Album Cover: Jay Sean – ‘All or Nothing’

All or Nothing

Jay Sean gives his all on the cover of his American debut All or Nothing to be released on Super Monday via Cash Money/Universal Republic. The Brit’s Lil Wayne-assisted single “Down” moves down one spot to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 after dethroning the Black Eyed Peas last week.

Listen to his second single “Do You Remember” featuring Sean Paul and Lil Jon.

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  1. bass_man

    I still find it hard to believe that record went to number one.. like wow..


  2. bobby

    cant wait for this album…..IT WENT TO #1 BECAUSE ITS HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


  3. Giselle

    Bass_Man how is it so hard to believe? Its a great record.

    I need to hear a 2nd single from Mr. Jay Sean before I can say I like his music…or buy his album.


  4. bobby

    he does have a new single its called”Do You Remember” you can listen to it at the top


  5. Giselle

    Thanks, Bobby. I didn’t even see it at first.


  6. Catie

    I found it hard to believe that the song went #1 too, it’s decent record but i never looked it as a number #1 hit. Songs like Britney’s “3″ and every song that the BEP have released are songs that i expected to go #1. I’m happy for him though.


  7. Monique

    that song his worthy to be #1 its hot!!!!


  8. Monique



  9. mkkycgj

    i rememba him….he used to be round hounslow and southall like bare….ahahaha….aint seen him here sice ride it….


  10. manny sean

    jey sean chak de phate


  11. paty

    u look so hot i love u


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