New Music: Eminem – ‘Taking My Ball’


Poor Eminem. No one wants to play with him. Hip-hop’s meanie does a lot of shoving (dimes and Tonka trucks) and no sharing on “Taking My Ball,” a new song from the DJ Hero Renegade Edition album that comes with the $200 game, in stores October 27. Slim Shady’s latest victims include Mischa Barton, Rosie O’Donnell, Heidi Klum, and Kim Kardashian (again).

Eminem – “Taking My Ball” (CDQ)

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  1. Catie

    Wow, classic Eminem, haha. I love the chorus.


  2. mimi313

    the hook is CRAZY!

    hahahaa i love it


  3. amanda

    Looooool. Haha. I was kinda disappointed at first when I heard he was using the accent but the hook is great and the 3rd verse is insane. Lmao.

    It sounds like a cross between Fack (because of how disgusting YET catchy it is) and We Made You (because of the celeb bashing and the accent).

    But i’m glad it’s like leftovers from Relapse. Hope he got all of this out of his system and R2 goes hard!! But I actually LIKE this song. I guess I can only take this kinda ish in small doses.


  4. Monique

    Lame I Hate Eminem!!


  5. mb

    just when you think he’s all growed up, he goes back to acting like an 11 year old.


  6. Baller11311

    Solid track… Funny. Like the chorus I just wish em released music like Wayne or gucci. I feel like his freestyles alone could make up a crazy mixtape. Worse part is how much more I think em could be giving us. At this point I don’t think we will get relapse 2 this year. End of October no release date and no single yet… Not looking good


  7. lindsay

    emenim is a has been! the only people he appeals to are trailer trash whiteboys that wanna be black justlike himself. whether people want to admit it or not, its whites who have made there fellow caucasion the king.


  8. fiesta92

    i like it , i like it , i like it
    this song is amazing , because he is amazing , he is the best songwriter and the best rapper in EARTH , i dont know what to write anymore , I cant wait for the release of the new album Relapse 2 , EMinEM be proud of who you are ;)


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