Video: Queen Latifah f/ Missy Elliott – ‘Fast Car’

Queen Latifah races to the finish line behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang in the video for “Fast Car” featuring Missy Elliott, the latest single off her new album Persona.

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  1. ugh

    this song is a MESS! the whole video is just shameless self promotion of her persona album, her HBO movie “life support”, her old albums, her covergirl spread, her famous friends, oh and ford mustangs. the only part of the song that i like was missy elliotts verse. she needs to step away from the auto-tune cause it is clearly NO help to her screeching. auto-tune doesnt fix everything…A MESS…


    Giselle Reply:

    @ugh, YOU’RE a mess! Queen Latifah doesn’t need promotion. She does music because its her first passion, and she’s enjoying it. She’s also an A-list actress with an Oscar nomination to her name. What do you have?


    ugh Reply:

    @Giselle & yasmeen, i dont have hate in my heart for her. i just DISLIKE this song, compared to her other musical catalogue, this falls very short and seems like a super hard try at being relevant and young. I could care less of what she has, im just saying the video IS shameless self promotion. you cant deny that, every 2 seconds is a new image of something shes done or is working on. Queen latifah has amazing vocals but for her to screech on the song, especially in auto-tune. doesnt leave me impresssed. just to clarify I AM A FAN OF QUEEN, I AM JUST NOT A FAN OF THIS SONG & VIDEO.


  2. joey

    MISSSYY BABY! love missys part so much! queen is the shit! this song is great


  3. yasmeen

    i couldn’t agree more with Giselle. if you have that much hate in your heart for a person….WHY COMMENT in the first place? idiot.


  4. bass_man

    I want the best success for her music career..I really like this song! The video is really nice too, but:

    Queen, you’re not a hoe but you sure know how to sell yourself!


  5. bijan

    they shouldve given this song to someone better.
    queen latifah just makes this weird for me


  6. Catie

    It’s weird because i don’t remember liking this song when i first heard it but i love it after watching this music video. She should go out and promote it!



    i luv it,so funny


  8. test123

    this song IS a mess. totally agree


  9. sm

    love it!!!

    missy pls come back!!!


  10. hhh

    this is hot dont listen to the hater cause they aint doing nothing but hater when somethings hot great video by the way



    I really like this I mean come on 2 Of Music’s ICONIC Female Rappers and not to mention the highest selling…..

    And even if the song does flop…Queen and Missy have enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to where they won’ give a F*&%……..


  12. ¤¤

    this song is the sh1t !! video not so good


  13. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    STOP THE HATE…whats with all the hate…latifah is rockin it and havin fun…i like the song and video..I agree with giselle…shes doing this because its her 1st passion and the girl is having fun…stop hating…GO TIFAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Destiny

    NOT wild about the song… or the video…idk? BUT… MUCH RESPECT to the queen… she’s a star in every aspect of the word… and she looks amazing!


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