Whitney Houston Record Inspires Celine Dion

Whitney Houston and Celine Dion

One diva’s comeback is inspiring another. After hearing Whitney Houston’s empowering ballad “I Look to You,” Celine Dion liked what she heard and placed a call into the man behind the record.

The Canadian power vocalist is looking to Tricky Stewart to contribute to her new album. “After she heard that Whitney Houston record, she definitely called,” says the super-producer, who helmed the title track off Houston’s I Look to You.

Tricky, who along with The-Dream crafted “Skies of L.A.” from Dion’s Taking Chances album, hopes to play a bigger role on her next project. “We sent ['Skies of L.A.'] over, she fell in love with it, she went crazy over it. It was the last song that went on her album, and hopefully it will be like Mariah Carey was in a sense that when we got involved with ‘Touch My Body,’ that was one of the last songs for that project,” he shares with Rap-Up.com. “Hopefully when she makes a new record we’ll be able to get heavily involved because that would be truly amazing.”

Stewart’s chance encounter with Dion happened one day in Las Vegas. “‘Skies of L.A.’ was just a song that she heard, fell in love with, and we just happened to be working at the same studio. That year we were out in Vegas and she did the show out in Vegas for all those years,” he explains. “She was in the next room working on some stuff for her record and sent someone over to see if we had anything.”

The hitmaker, whose clients include Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and Ciara, says Dion is the real deal. The “Because You Loved Me” songstress prefers conventional recording methods instead of relying on technology, much like another diva. “Celine works in a really old-school, organic fashion. There’s no leaning on any technology whatsoever,” Tricky reveals. “A lot of the artists are like that now. Beyoncé’s kinda like that. She doesn’t really lean on technology. They like to work in a more traditional way.”

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  1. Hitman

    I thought she would call R.Kelly since he wrote it and did thebpiano arrangement… But I guess. I really wish people would stop working with them so they can progress their sound. After The-Dream, Ciara & Christina album they will be played out


  2. test123

    I so can not hear them anymore…Tricky Stewart and The-Dream are maaaaaad overrated. yes they had few hits, but majority of their work is just average. period. labels needs to stop shoving up all their money into their ass and make room for other talent who have hotter and more creative material!!!!!!!


  3. Kristin

    OMG, she must be crazy to be inspired by an ex drug-addict who cannot sing to save her life. Anyways, Celine’s music is good for funerals.


    wtf Reply:

    @Kristin, you are totally deranged.i guess good music to you is rihanna..idiot..

    celine cant wait to hear new stuff from you..whitney is already killing her comeback so it is all good…


    that's it Reply:


    Stupid Comment…


  4. Edzer Joseph

    Hi Whitney,
    I can’t tell u how much I’m happy for u to make that come back. Everyday I listen ur latest track, specialy the number. I hope one day I’ll have a chance to attend one of your performance. “One of ur idol”


  5. Joyams

    Yep Kristin is sadly stupid. I’m not specially WH fan but you can’t deny that she makes good music. Plus I look to you is a very good ballad so i understand why dion would like the same.
    Well like always haters for nothing.


  6. bass_man

    I really like that Celine song they did for her. They have some SERIOUS range..

    Single Ladies to Skies of L.A…not to mention their other work.


  7. david



  8. DJ Triumph

    im happy for them cause my time comin.


  9. j_r0k



  10. Yuri

    saw whitney on utube perform in Moscow. One word SAD!


  11. I hate idiots

    Kristin is a very stupid idiot indeed. And i agree for idiots like her good music is Rihanna. Whitney is a true diva who sings way better and powerfully than there poor imitations in the form of gaga and co.


  12. john

    i love whitney houston


  13. Ray

    Both are crap. The only diva I like, with the greatest voice is Mariah Carey. Crackney and Celine are just backups.


  14. WhitneyDiva76

    Whit is done. Her voice is shot but I still love her and I will never admit she’s a crackhead . I am so obsessed with her, that’s why I’m always trash talking Mariah just cause Whitney’s voice is a shadow of it’s former self. I always feel threatened by Mariah so I can’t enjoy Whitney’s music. I always ruin topics on Classic Whitney with my insecurity.
    I’m sorry, but what can I do?


  15. Moue

    Whitney and Celine are great. Mariah sucks.


  16. christian medina !

    The dive for all diva !!
    * Whitney Houston
    *Celine Dion
    * Mariah Carey
    *Cristina Aguilera
    * Leona Lewis
    Hope u like that !!!!! :)


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