Video: Leona Lewis – ‘Happy’

Leona Lewis is in pursuit of happiness in the video for “Happy,” the first single from her sophomore album Echo, available November 17.

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  1. vizionwarp

    LOVES This video….Beautiful Song & Girl


  2. wtf

    omg, leona leona..this girl is so talented…this is one album i will be getting nov 17…she is amazing and very talented unlike some people who resort to gimmicks and being naked to sell..smh


  3. R.I.P. MJ

    that was a really nice video with a gud twist to it. i like it


  4. david

    that video is veryy authentic..Leona is seriously amazing


  5. MaZ

    I’m in love with this woman. Love the video. That what music and artists are about, telling stories. She’s amazing in the video. Simply Natural.


  6. Catie

    These are the kind of music videos i like, ones with stories and twists. Also, i have to add that Leona Lewis is gorgeous!



    i liked the video!!!!!!!!!


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  9. bijan

    I LOVE music videos like this. It’s like a whole movie!

    Leona is so awesome, I just liked her, but now I love her after seeing this. It’s so beautiful.


  10. drtash

    LOVE THE VIDEO!!!Leona’s the best!


  11. Giselle

    Cute video.


  12. test123

    hot. the first person who will criticize anything on this song, video or on her should know that he is the biggest dumbass on world. just want to make that clear in advance


    (T) In ThE ZoNe Reply:

    @test123, LOL @..good 1 :D


  13. bass_man

    she outdid…


  14. whitneyoncrack



  15. Sean

    Wow. This video and song just made me a fan. I guess I got to start saving up $$ for Nov. 17th lol


  16. peter

    wow wow a fantastic song amazing voice ,a true star real talent,cant wait to get my ears plugged in to echo x


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