Mariah Carey Preps ‘Memoirs’ Features Album, R. Kelly on Board

Mariah Carey and R. Kelly

It’s hard to please everyone, but Mariah Carey is setting out to do just that with a retooled version of her latest album, and she’s brought along some famous friends. After we broke the news of the songbird’s plans to remix Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Tricky Stewart filled us in on a few more details.

The “Obsessed” producer wouldn’t quite categorize the work in progress as a remix album. “They’ve said that it’s a remix album, but really what it is is a features album. [The songs] won’t necessarily be remixed,” Tricky once again told “It’s just an album of features, really cool features on the exact same album.”

According to Tricky, 90 percent of the record will contain a featured guest, while there’s a small possibility of one or two all-new tracks. The as-yet-untitled project will go by the Memoirs title. “It will be the same name, but it will probably have something to it. I’m not sure what they’re going to call it, but it’s the same album.”

The goal is to appeal to all of Carey’s fans. “We wanted to do an album that was really personal, and if you love Mariah Carey, you can put it on and listen to it all day,” began Tricky, “but at the same time, if you like the hot Mariah when she’s doing the features, we want to give people that option too, so that they can put on whichever one they choose.”

So far the lineup looks promising with T-Pain Auto-Tuning on “Candy Bling,” the Southern hip-hop trio of Big Boi, Gucci Mane, and OJ Da Juiceman rapping on “H.A.T.E.U.,” and Trey Songz crooning on “Inseparable.” Tricky also revealed to that R. Kelly appears on the opening cut “Betcha Gon’ Know.”

No release date has been set for the project.

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  1. Hitman

    She needs to just give up…
    Or hurry and release H.A.T.E.U.

  2. joe

    She needs to put this out ASAP!!

  3. kitty

    she shouldn’t rush into this yet… a year-end Xmas release or next year around V-Day would be more commercially strategic for sales. There’s a huge bunch of new records in November like Rihanna, Timbaland, Shakira, etc, I think she should avoid a busy sales week like 29 September if she doesn’t wanna risk flopping again.

    Anyway, really excited for this features album! I hope a few of the songs would be re-arranged n re-recorded completely, like the HATE U remix.

  4. bkdude44

    I def. agree with kitty’s comments…i’m really excited for this feature’s album.

  5. Mikel

    I’m glad! Whitney’s voice is so over, at least we still have Mariah. ;)

  6. Jamaican

    Dear Mikel, Whitney’s voice is not over, and Mariah could’nt touch whitney in her hey day. I love Mariah but I have to say this new album is not doing well and is a clear indication of a flop, the remix or what ever is not going to help. I think Mariah needs to take a break and go have a baby or something and come back fresh.

  7. Giselle

    Mariah…I really hope she gets the picture. Why would you make a remix album or remix any of your new songs for that matter when “Memoirs” still needs a bit of a push? It doesn’t make sense. L.A. Reid needs to wake up, and she needs to fire half of her camp because their not doing their job at all.

    casimir Reply:

    YES, YES, YES! I so agree. Enough with the rappers already. Move on to new producers, like Quincy, Prince, Babyface to name 3. Producers who are not’one note’ and who can really maximize her vocal skills and create new sounds. Her music is sounding repetitious! I don’t think her rap producers can take her to a higher level.

  8. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    OMG!!! my suggestions to my frens for Betcha Gon Know was R>Kelly , i was like that song sounds like something R.Kelly would do goood on, its a kinda story line thing that he likes doing …

  9. Jamaican

    Mikel, Whitney is six years older than Mariah and has been through a lot and still sounds good, though not as good as she used to and dont forget Mariah is losing hers too. However we need to praise these ladies for their tremendous star qualities and not bash one over the other.

  10. sandra

    Translation: I’m trying to make it look like I didn’t flop. She doesn’t seem to grasp that trying to look like she did when she was great in the 90′s mean nothing.

    Quit this irrelevant hip hop crap and get back to singing. Put some clothes on, act your age, quit being fake, shut you son up from making stupid comments, stop “beefing” with people who are below you anyway, and get back to making good music. Do that and she will be fine. If not, go the hell home cause you are done.

    As for Whitney, love her, but she’s over as well. She ruined her gift and can’t sing at all anymore.

    What have these women done to themselved? A damn shame.

    MariahThePariah Reply:

    @sandra, I absolutely agree! Can’t Mariah take the BIG HINT to just quit with all the hip hop crap? She need to re-embraced her past and start rethinking of making music that is real music. I miss her Emotions days where she used to belt not hiss and whisper or wailed and whistle incessantly. She is totally losing it man. She is becoming very irritating and full of herself.

  11. Maik

    can’t wait to hear it!!

  12. Rego Tomsen

    HATE remix is really great. as it sounded so the whole album is worth waiting for

  13. esse

    I love MC. and I !!!LOVE!!! MC remixes. Can’t wait.

  14. carla

    Ahhh, Whitney is a work in progress and getting better every day vocally. I’d take an honest singing Whitney giving all she has LIVE on stage and working the stage than a miming, no stage presence 40 yr old dress like a 20yr old.

    Having said that, MOIA is a flop. Hits just released her 3rd week sales and they are saying that she sold 30k- that is 254k for 3wks- Whitney sold 311k first week and 525k 3rd week,its gold and has sold over 1.2mi worldwide for 7wks, it’s going top 3 in the UK bySunday.

    Advice to MAriah and L.A REid, take your lumps, let the album die, MAriah go away, have some babies, come back after 2yrs with some inspired tracks. This project sounds desparate and contrived.

    Tricky, this ain’t working and she will further alienate her AC base who hasn’t left her already by continuing to work with these rappers. Too many big releases down the pike, she will get lost and emabarrassed again.

    Take a page out of Whitney’s and maxwell’s book, make inspired music that appeals to grown folks because they are the ones who purchase music eg look at Babs Streisand and Michael Buble’s sales!

  15. Volrath

    I love the album, I think the best Mimi has released in years, the sales will pick up when ppl start listening to it, Obsessed has reached platinum and I Want To Know..(is picking up), HATE U is 3rd single officially out on Nov 3rd. Other tracks are my fav’s are “Out Of My Face”, “More Than Friends”, “Ribbon”, “Impossible”..simply blissful! Standing O’s for u Mimi…

  16. MariahThePariah

    Oh Mariah you are becoming such a pariah. I am so sick and tired of listening to you. Give up already. Go for a long hiatus…like at least 5 years or sick of your voice and everything about you… everything about is so passe..

  17. SoDandy

    well if you guys HAVE NOT NOTICED!!

    Both artists Mariah and Whitney, their voices are starting to recover!

    we can notice that on how Mariah performed and she started to SING again, her voice flows smoothly now unlike before…

    As for Whitney, she can HELL STILL SING, her voice is much much better than before and she will recover, just wait and see… it needs years but they will both recover!!!

  18. Ricky

    I love Mariah. She is my favorite singer. I think this remix album is a good idea as I have read about this a few days ago on mariahdaily. I think it’s a good idea because this CD is just ok. I told myself not to listen to the samples on amazon or itunes but just go out and buy it and if I had listen to the samples, I would not have bought it right away. I was thinking, Mariah has her own style of Hip Hop songs and that’s the problem. They don’t sound that great. I do love Obsessed though. It’s the best song on the CD. I was categorizing some of Mariah’s songs ( remember, I do love her) and it’s mediocre Hip Hop. Who is Mariah trying to appeal to with this mediocre Hip Hop songs? I really don’t know. She needed some dance songs on this album. This is another weird thing. I was a big LA and Babyface fan. I loved all of their music they did in the late 1980′s. And here LA Reid is an executive producer and the owner of Mariah’s record label. He is the one who needs to write and produce the album. How could he have sat there and listen to some of these songs and not say they could be a lot better. Mariah needs to team up with those writers producers who have been making Britney Spears songs. Also, I love Mariah, but her video’s, they aren’t the best. What goes on in Mariah’s mind for some of these video’s? Obessed was kind of good…I know some people didn’t like it, but it was better then 80% of the video’s Mariah has done.

  19. izixin

    the h.a.t.e.u. remix is amazing.
    can’t wait for the other ones!

  20. Alana99

    I love Mariah and the new CD, although defintiely not her best, is still really good. I don’t understand why people think she’s “lost her voice.” Listen to this live stripped performance and then tell me she doesn’t have talent.

  21. bela

    Review of Whitney’s year so far:
    Whitney released her new album…but all her singles flopped and sank lower then the Titanic
    Whitney appeared on GMA..and gave the worst vocal performance in the history the show
    Whitney talked about her drug abuse on the Oprah show…but then called Oprah a “liar”
    And now, she has disappeared.

    And for all those who say that Whitney can sing better then Mariah: LOL! The Oprah show, Today show, the view. All evidence that Mariah is killing Whitney vocally.

    As for the whole “hip hop” issue: Obsessed cracked the top ten, and is still high on the charts. So something must be working for her. While Whitney’s I Look To You, dead last on the charts for about an hour, and then disappeared forever.

  22. Chris

    Mariah has not lost her voice. I saw her in Vegas on Oct. 9 and she still sounds amazing. I do think she needs a different management team though. They don’t make good single choices. I think HATEU would of done way better as a second single than IWTKWLI.

  23. Green Line

    Review of Mariah’s year so far:
    Mariah released her new album and it flopped and sanked lower than the Titanic. She’s now releasing a remix album of a flop album so the two versions of the album can have their sales added together to make the overall “album title” appear to be selling better.
    Mariah appeared on various tv shows to promote “Obsessed”, lip-synching her way through numerous performances. (My little niece can lip-synch).
    Mariah talked about not having sex with Eminem and called him a “liar”. Although she knows its true, she just wants it to disappear.
    Mariah has a porn star named Mary Carey walking around making a complete joke out of Mariah Carey.

    And for all those who say Mariah can sing better than Whitney. Whitney sings live. She has full confidence in her abilities. Mariah does not, which is why (AND ONLY WHY) lip-synchs. In the studio, it doesn’t matter if she messes up because she can keep doing it over and over.

    And for chart position of albums and singles: An artist and a record label would rather sell 7 million copies worldwide of an album at about $15 each over time (Whitney), than sell a combined 400,000 downloads of two different singles at .99cts each (Mariah).

  24. Simon

    Hater !!!!!
    Mariah is and will always be better than Whitgrass!
    She sold way more than your alcoholic!
    BYE BYE :P
    Whitney – stop using!

  25. bianca

    It´s weird how the Glitter album was considered to be a flop although it has sold about 3.5 million copies to date. The Memoirs album hasn´t even sold half a million. I´m so sad that the album is flopping, because I was really rooting for Mariah and I´ve been a really big fan for many years. The album isn´t bad, I actually think it´s great, but I can see why it´s not selling. There just aren´t any really GREAT songs, they´re all just OK. And you can´t tell the songs apart, they´re practically all the same.

    I think that ever since Emancipation of Mimi, she hasn´t released anything really mind-blowing or fabulous. E=mc2 was a nice pop album, but I kinda feel that she could do so much better if she really started to focus more on the music and a little less on her ridiculous diva act. I really wish she´d stop acting like a kid. Okay, so it´s kinda sweet that she´s in touch with her inner chid and all, but hello!!

    I think that´s the reason why she´s not selling records anymore: she´s so wrapped up in her imaginary pink bubble that she has lost contact with her fans! The other reason she doesn´t sell any records is beacause everybody hasn´t really understood that she´s gone r´n´b and those who have just aren´t feeling it. She probably gained so much confidence after the success of Emancipation of Mimi that she felt like she could record just any kind of crap.

    I really hope that she pulls herself together for the next album. I´d really like to see her on top again because she deserves it. Maybe it´s actually a good thing that this album is flopping, because then she´ll realize she´ll have to work even harder to earn her next hits.

  26. Kevin

    “remix” album was talked about before memoiirs was released.

    I agree, she def needs to take a break. Have a kid, get on some magazine covers, the whole bit. but come back to music. hell, write a song about the kid, that could work.

    I agree about taking a break, but the album is really, really good.

    My biggest suggestion to Mariah is to leave Island Def Jam. She just needs to get some publicitity, so many people love and know about no talents like Rihanna, but have forgotten about pure talent!

  27. kakuatue

    She has passed her prime and bores me to death.

    RIP diva angel, whatever.