On Set of Chris Brown’s ‘Transform Ya’ Video

Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne

Here come the men in black. Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne filmed the video for “I Can Transform Ya,” the first offering from CB’s third album Graffiti, last month in Los Angeles. The futuristic clip was directed by Joseph Kahn (Britney Spears, Janet Jackson) and features robots, lots of dancing, and a guitar-playing Weezy.

I Can Transform Ya

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  1. bass_man

    I see you Chris.


  2. Facebook User

    It looks like it’s gonna be very reminiscent to Janet’s ‘Feedback’ video as far as costumes is concerned. Chris Brown is still a talented artist despite his new reputation. I’m rooting for you C. Breezy….


    bass_man Reply:

    @Facebook User, definitely looks like Janet’s Feedback. Just realized that.


  3. Jay

    Man I haven’t been on Rap-Up in sooo long! My favorite site! I’ve missed everything!

    Oh man this is gonna be so dope! CB is back!!! Didn’t realize Swizz Beats did the beat. Beat is CRAZY!!! Joseph Kahn is gon kill this video and I can’t wait to see CB dancin again! Can’t wait to see it! ya!

    ^ You are right though it does kinda remind me of Janet’s feedback.


  4. Tyler jones

    @ jay i agree 100% da beat is DOPEEEEE!!!


  5. Maik

    i did’n know that Lil Wayne is so short :D


  6. Dee

    yeah!.Home boy looks mad good. Go Weezy too. Can’t wait!


  7. 100% Nikehead

    Yea the first picture reminds me of janets Feedback video too with the formation and the outfits. Joseph kahn is one of the best music video directors so this video is gonna be incredible. the video is droppin this week sometime cannot wait.


  8. Chrissy

    Chris breezy is so sexy can’t wait 4 the Vid’ maybe online this thursday


  9. Isis

    Damn Chris is looking HELLA FINE!! OMG!I can’t wait to see this video!


  10. amy

    cnt wait..!!


  11. DJ Triumph

    look nice.


  12. CEO

    thats sad, too much like michael jackson, cant even sing!


  13. South Side

    Ceo u a hater. Love you Chris. You look like a Faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Nancy

    woah! chris is looking real good! looking forward to this video….I’m so excited.


  15. GeeMan

    After all the negative press this glad to see CB and Rhianna back making for the fans. So far this video looks like a must see. I would like to see Them both win.


  16. GeeMan

    I meant making music for the fans


  17. alicias a homewrecker

    The song is wack and radios don’t play it here,..wasted money down the drain


  18. Melvin Carson



  19. Catie

    Why does somebody i can’t stand have to look so good?!

    I think this new single will decide whether or not he can still have a legit music career. I’m surprised at how well it is doing on iTunes so far.


  20. Whaitt.,..



  21. c.b

    i really can’t whaitt for this one


  22. baksoul

    YEAH C.beezy always do it well let you show how the game goes


  23. wtf

    cnt wait..chris is back and better than ever!!!


  24. Chelly.

    Get it Chris! I’ve missed ya love!!! Omg…I cannot wait….


  25. arie

    I am glad for CB, this young man is far too talented, he should be able to use his talents to entertain his fans. I wish all the haters would move on. @ CEO and @ alicias a homewrecker, yea you probably are a homewrecker. So sad yall don’t have anything else better to do, but hate. And what is really sad is the haters act as though they know him personally, yall really need to get a life. And as for CEO, faggot is such a harsh and degrating word, only an idiot would use so a harsh word like that or a gay person. It to sounds like you are calling Michael Jackson one as well. Well both are talented sounds to me like you are having issues trying to find out if you are straight or gay, don’t take your frustrations out here, go somewhere else. Hate on Chris Brown all you want, it does not mean anything, only that a haters ONLY job is to hate.


  26. la loca

    lil wayne is the hottest….


  27. chad hereford

    oh wow
    this is mty
    nigha !


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