Leona Lewis ‘Echo’ Album Snippets


Listen to 14 snippets from the U.K. edition of Leona Lewis’ sophomore LP Echo in advance of the album’s release next month. The disc features contributions from OneRepublic (“Lost Then Found”), Justin Timberlake (“Don’t Let Me Down”), Novel (“Broken”), Kevin Rudolf (“Love Letter”), and more.

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  1. Ernesto Fernandez

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! can’t wait :3


  2. Kyle

    this album sounds really good. Her last album was bit too slow paced for me, but “Echo” picks up the pace a little. Every song sound like it could be a hit!


  3. Giselle

    She has a lot of future BIG hits with this album. Amazing.


  4. Stephonne

    Great stuff.


  5. Suzie



  6. GeeMan

    It sounds like Ms. Lewis went more grown up this time around, Some songs are smashes other are middle of the road. I would say the sound is universal pop which is a safe but smart direction. I would to hear everything in its enterity before I say if I like the album or not. So far she is off to a good start.


  7. darnell

    I just can’t get into her. beautiful voice but souless and no personality at all. I can’t bob out to any of those songs. Wish her luck but i don’t see he blowing up here.


  8. michael



  9. Visionizer

    Leona, never seems to get it wrong, yes its only second album but she’d still sell if her record was farts.


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