Ludacris Listens to Miley Cyrus

Jay Leno popped 10 questions to Ludacris on Tuesday’s episode of “The Jay Leno Show.” Luda revealed that teen star Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” is on his iPod. “I would have to blame this one on my 8-year-old daughter,” says Luda, who also disclosed his first rap name, his favorite place to chill, and the last book he read.

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  1. Carl

    LOOL! He know he wrong for blaming it on his ‘daughter’ he was bumping that shit from the jump! LOl.


  2. Maik

    can’t he buy her own ipod>!.?>


  3. DJ Triumph

    love that song.


  4. DJ Triumph

    luda is a funny dude.


  5. OJcris44

    Luda! time for him to come out hard again.


  6. bass_man

    haha! I blamed on my little cousin too. it’s cool. lol


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