Shyne Fights Imminent Deportation


Upon his release from prison earlier this month after serving an eight-plus-year sentence, Shyne was detained by immigration officials. After his immigration status was reviewed, it appears as though the rapper will be deported.

According to HOT 97′s Miss Info, Shyne will be sent to his home country of Belize where his father lives. He has been in a federal facility in Buffalo, New York, awaiting his fate. The Brooklyn MC’s friend and radio personality Angie Martinez said that Shyne will continue to fight for a pardon so that he can remain in the U.S. where he has lived since the age of 13. His mother and grandmother also reside stateside.

“Shyne is one of the strongest people I know and he’s handling this situation just as I’d expect him to,” said Martinez. “It must be frustrating for all of his friends and family; he served his time, and keeps getting all these different dates and conflicting information. But he’s a soldier, he’s dealing with it.”

Shyne has Harvard professor Charles Ogletree on his side to advocate for him in his fight against immigration. Shyne’s camp did not comment on the situation as of press time.

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  1. Dre

    Hopefully this blows off and Shyne can stay in the U.S.


  2. bass_man

    damn..I’m going to wikipedia what he actually did. This is extreme..&I hope they aren’t doing this because Beliz is hispanic..


  3. monique

    i think this is terrible he did his time why deport him?i think its a race thang . honestly any other person who would of did the same thing would of been released and on to there happy life and poor shyne is stuck in limbo KEEP YOUR HEAD UP


  4. parisian girl

    i just have one question
    who is he?


  5. theTruth

    parisian girl must have been like 8 yrs old when all this went down not to know who he is


  6. RMBMusicBlog



  7. bizzie

    is unfair to us govt.they shdnt do that to shyne


  8. tia

    Why shouldn’t he be deported my babyfather didn’t do have the crime he did n was deported now I’m here striving as a single mother to make ends meet for me n my baby boy rich or famous shouldn’t be treated no differently n get no free pass crime is crime n law is law sorry shyne not judging but this is life wish u the best


  9. Chusen

    Ok…Shyne did his dirt and the manz dem booked him for that. Even back then it was bogus charges but all i’m sayin’ iz that if they are going to deport him…it should HAVE been from time…NOT after the man already served his time in U.S. prison. The man served 10 yrs when that should of easily been 5. Somebody somewhere hatin’ – but the boy got money so he will be alright.


  10. pinna

    its so fuuny after biggy die thats when diddy blow up. its because of that punkazz why SHYNE spend all does years in jail .


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