Sneak Peek: Omarion – ‘I Get It In’


The King of Dance returns? That’s what the trailer for Omarion’s new music video is claiming. “I Get It In” featuring Gucci Mane is the first single from O’s third solo album Ollusion, now due on January 12, 2010. Thanks to Terrell for sending this one in.

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  1. B. Rillz

    He’s so tiny.


  2. An0thrDream

    King of Dance?? wonder what chris brown has to say about that

    Looks like a real cool video though! Love the song!


  3. harris



  4. Stephonne

    Warning… Recession video, lol.


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @Stephonne, lol looks like somethin out of You Got Served. the Choreography is definately on point though.


  5. DeDe

    I can’t wait to see the video


  6. Bedrock

    King of Dance? I bet Mj is rolling over in his grave now…

    and lmao @ whoever said, “he’s so tiny” lmao


  7. SwaggerAreUs

    When I seen the sneak peek in my YouTube subscriptions I wanted to make sure that Rap-Up was gonna have it 1st! Y’all always credit the loyal readers to Rap-Up and that’s dope…

    I’m actually looking forward to Omarion’s latest project. I looks like he’s ready to come back…well at least physically…I’m not too sure vocally, but this track is starting to grow on me.


  8. jorge

    looks cheap!


  9. 100% Nikehead

    The video looks cheap now because thats a rough edit, its not the final video with the green screen shots put in and everything. The final video is gonna be on point trust!


  10. AAA

    LOL is it me , or did omorion shrink


  11. Dave

    Can’t wait, and Omarion IS the better dancer than Chris. He even ate Chris up on the Moonwalk, freakin PERFECTION!


  12. mictee

    hahaha, he did shrink!


  13. B-Rad



  14. kenville

    i got his song already with lil wayne on it instead im not one to favour gucci man but he better put a tight verse on there


  15. kenville

    yeah this is hot i already have this song but with lil wayne on it im not one to favour Gucci but his verse better than lil wayne own


  16. DrmKpr

    King of Dance…. I think not…. I wish him well on his release but I can’t see him beating cb who’s new music will also be out at that time but i digress… glad to see he got all his label troubles worked out and is putting out new music…. i don’t check for omarion like that but again i wish him well…


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  18. imjustsaying

    lol the video is a rough edit, therefore its not complete. its not edited and none of the effects have been added. Read, people! lol


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