Amerie ‘In Love & War’ Album Snippets

In Love & War

Amerie prepares for battle with her fourth album In Love & War featuring appearances from Trey Songz, Fabolous, and Lil Wayne. Listen to 30-second snippets off the entire project in advance of its November 3 release, including our personal favorites “Higher” and the Jim Jonsin-produced “Swag Back.” Click here for production credits.

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  1. harris

    love it


  2. Chris

    “Swag Back” “Different People” “Dear John” Very nice songs. They should have put Why R U remix on as well. That song was better than the original for me.


  3. 100% Nikehead

    Rap-up yall need to hop on the Pretty Brown Eyes Remix with Lloyd Banks it is absolutely amazing it just leaked yesterday i believe.


  4. AAA

    More than love & different people are on point , but I hope her next single will be preety brown eyes , cuz I always get that complement .


  5. paul

    Humm!!!! She is a great singer, but her album is gonna flop, ’cause there’s nothing new here.
    The albums are flopping because artists can’t reinvent themselves….


  6. BP86

    This entire album is boring. I like Amerie, but to be honest, this album is going nowhere. shame. “Heard ‘Em All” was pretty good, though.


  7. i.d

    Love this album straight R&B/Hip Hop she delivered.
    The 3rd single is ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ ft Trey Songz & the 4th is ‘More Than Love’ feat Fabulous.


  8. AJ



  9. 100% Nikehead

    listening to the snippets im impressed. Red Eye and Swag Back are definate potential hits, hope her album does good she deserves it. Pretty Brown Eyes is one of the best r&b songs ive heard in a while. I hope people feel the same way about it and it will do good on the charts.


  10. carla

    This album is going flop! no buzz and the first 2 singles flopped. Add to that L A Reid is going to be concentrating on Rhianna’s album now.

    Mariah’s album flopped next is Amerie- sad but true.


  11. joe franco

    love “swag back” !!!!


  12. MaZ

    I like the vibe of the album. Can’t wait to hear it entirely.


  13. Jan

    Great! Waiting for it.


  14. drtash

    I’m loving this record!!!What I LOVE about Amerie is her style…she’s got her own style about her that’s unique to her. My favourite tracks (or rather, snippets): Heard em’ all, Red Eye, Tell me you love me, Dangerous and Swag back.


  15. Catie

    I can already tell that “Swag Back” and “Dear John” are going to be my favorites, i love the vibe of them.


  16. bass_man

    I’m going to wait until the album drops. I can’t wait though!


  17. janice

    Wow i’m impressed! I thought she was going to be doing some tired as electro pop shyt…glad someone is staying true to what hiphop and r&b is about!! and the girl is only a decent singer!! Feelin it!


  18. Dre

    I really like these tracks. I need to hear full though. This sounds like a good r&b album something that i have been needing. I hope Monica and Mary J come bring that r&b back too.


  19. Maya What

    Ok love Amerie Heard’Em All is still my jam love, love it!
    1) Higher sounds bananazzzzzzzzz!
    2) More Than Love fea-Fabulous sounds hot!
    3) Tell Me You Love Me sound hot her D.C. go go flavor.
    4) Red Eye is a tight ballot!

    I think she should of added Why R U remix with Nas, Jadakis, Cain and Rick Ross


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