Birdman & Rick Ross Finish Joint Album

Birdman and Rick Ross

Plans are still on the table for a Birdman and Rick Ross album. The rappers’ collaborative effort is in the bag and just waiting a release date.

“Ross and I finished the album already. It’s called The H,” Birdman revealed to “We’ll probably put it out in the summer.”

The Cash Money Records CEO has a lot of admiration for his fellow paper chaser, who’s currently promoting his group Triple C’s debut Custom Cars & Cycles. “I respect Ross. He gets money and his music is hot.”

Before then, Baby will release his own album Pricele$$ on November 23 featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other members of the Cash Money/Young Money family.

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  1. Tim

    This is going to be the dumbest album ever…….


    eriiclikewhoa Reply:

    @Tim, i totally agree with you!


  2. nik

    hahaha birdman is junk thats y all his singles feat wayne or some other big artist


  3. Joyams

    I really don’t get why people hate so much. Birdman made a lot of good songs, rick ross too, why is it insane to think that maybe it will be a good album?? Let the album be droped and then if you don’t like it, hate as much as you want.


  4. bass_man

    I hope the beats are crazy!


  5. clown #409

    birdshit and rawse colabo… haha made my day, 2 fake niggas


  6. tweazy

    keep it pimpin blood big5 all the way


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  8. OZO

    MAN its funny to listen to all you cats hatin on mutha fuckers gettin money and makin music even more so because your doing it from your moms house broke as fuck with no job HA HA HA HA


  9. Tre-Ci Carter

    Yall STUPID!!!! I Know This Album Will Be The DOPEST Shit Out Next Summer, Because Every Song They Done Did Together So Far Been Damn Near Hood Classics 4 The Trunk Muzik & Shit!

    Youtube *Birdman & Rick Ross-Pop That Pussy* Then Tell Me The Hustlin Tales That Will Play Filler 4 The Rest of The Album Won’t Be DOPE! & I Know BIRDMAN Had Weight, So He Could Never Be Fake & Ross Ain’t Hated In The Streets So Go To Miama Before You Speak, Go To Carol Mart & Hit The Flea Market w/ The Real Niggaz Kick It @ See What The Streets Say…lol.

    Triple C’s is WEAKKKK Though & Young Breed Got The Best Flow Even Though Everybody Hate The Young Boy, Cuz He Had His Own Money Before The Rap So They Say He Can’t Rap.


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