Jay-Z Jumps on Robin Thicke Album

Robin Thicke and Jay-Z

Robin Thicke is about to be blessed with a song from the greatest rapper alive. The R&B singer took to Twitter on Friday (Oct. 23) to share his excitement with fans about collaborating with Jay-Z.

Thicke revealed that Jay will be rapping on a track off his new album. “In the studio today with Jay Z… His Hovieness!! So excited!!” he tweeted. “He’s jumping on one of my records for my Sex Therapy album. Wish me luck!!”

The soul man’s fourth studio album Sex Therapy is due December 8.

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  1. Giselle

    This might be Robin’s best album…can’t wait to hear it.


  2. urban noize

    all i gotta say is wow! this should be a smooth record right here. 2 of the most smoothest dudes in music. robin with the soulful vocals and hov wit the wordplay, = something crazy!


  3. SwaggerAreUs

    Blue Eyed Soul is back. My man said ‘his hoviness’ :) That’s funny. I guess he should be excited. That’s more of a reason to check out this new album.


  4. OJcris44

    gtfoh with greatest rapper alive shit. This hip hop sites be on jayz so hard. Its like they are scared of him or he or his group keeps telling them to cover him. Probably due to connections he has.

    But even with all this attention, radio hits, TV promo, he still hasn’t sold the most. Plus there are some artists if they recieved the same promo, would have sold more. So I would put Eminem, Lil Wayne, TI, Kanye, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jeezy and The Game above him right now in terms of selling power/hottness. And on pure rapping a few of them can rap better but others like Nas or Andre 3000 are certainly better even if they don’t sell as much due to promo.


    Mikey Reply:

    @OJcris44, calm down. it’s not that serious.


    wtf Reply:

    @OJcris44, i am with you..people only call jayz the greatest rapper alive because they are scared of him..truth be told,he is not..his last album was just rubbish…he was better back in the day but now he is just lazy but just gets the title coz people are up in his balls..its a damn shame coz that is a waste of a title..kanye even murdered him on his own track..lol


    wtf Reply:

    @wtf, cant wait for robin thicke though..have always loved him and could care about hov..hope he just delivers the classic robin i love..


  5. I love it

    I LOVE JAY-Z!!

    Thanks rap-up for the info.

    OJcris44= SHUT UP!!!!


  6. dsjj251


    your funny, eminem has more hype than anyone. all thows rappers but the game and Ludacris get more hype than JAy Z and you know they do.

    yea Jay Z does alot of concerts before his album comes out, but so does everyother artist, his a just better LOL

    Hov is the Best rapper alive and you know it


  7. DJ Triumph

    congrat robin good music there.


  8. Elijahrottok

    I look forward to the album launch. This is what music should be about.


  9. bass_man

    Sex Therapy has crept up on became my most played song of the week. I am excited for this album!


  10. Matt.Beezy

    Best Rapper Alive? Chill…


  11. Lisa

    What Jay Z is not the best rapper alive. LOL
    I’m looking forward to some good music congrat thicke on the new album and you soon to be baby.


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