Chamillionaire Shoots New Video, Album Pushed to 2010


Chamillionaire recently shot the video for his new single “Good Morning” with director Don Tyler. Although the Tom Petty-sampled song debuted at No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, has learned that Cham’s third studio album Venom has been pushed back from December 8, 2009 to January 26, 2010.

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  1. alicias a homewrecker

    ever since he said he wouldn’t curse in his songs any more…he’s been going down hill.


  2. disappointed

    dumb move, chamillionaire is one of my favorite, and he even asks on his own page if he should change the date and most said to keep it, but then he does this, a month and a half?!?!?!?! that is out of control, i am pissed, that was the only album i was looking forward to for the rest of this year


  3. youknow

    this is a very stupid move on whose ever idea this was. it would’ve sold sooo much more…poor cham


  4. Chamfan

    its not changed, his website still says december 8th, this is some bs, they didnt even verify a source


    Mixtape Messiah Reply:

    @Chamfan, lol, ur in denial. rap-up doesnt need a source, they are the source when it comes to release dates


  5. Mike D

    I dont know how much another month is going to do for chamillionaire… Like honestly, more time does not equal more sales. Chamillionaire MUST release Good Morning video, plus another single with a video in December. even with that, I still dont think his sales are going to be a big difference, BUT again maybe Chamillionaire has something up his sleeves lol, who knows.


  6. Young Yung

    lol. Y’all are trippin. Not enough people even know that Koopa coming out wit another album soon. Pushing the date back is the best thing he can do right now, especially when he still haven’t released his new video.

    But he’s gonna kill it like always tho.


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