Chris Brown Thrills at Comeback Show

Chris Brown

Chris Brown returned to the stage on Tuesday (Oct. 27) at Power 105.1′s Powerhouse ’09 concert for the first time since pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna. Despite technical difficulties, the pop star braved the rain and thrilled the audience with his new single “I Can Transform Ya” with Swizz Beatz, wearing a Michael Jackson “Thriller”-inspired outfit.

Keri Hilson, Mario, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous, Trey Songz, Jim Jones, Omarion, and The-Dream also performed at the New York radio station’s annual show at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J.

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  1. Giselle

    Keri looks nice. Chris looks nice. The rest shouldn’t have even been there ESPECIALLY Day 26. Horrible.


  2. Ye

    He is NOT Michael Jackson.


    Kaydilla Reply:

    @Ye, naw really?


    wtf Reply:

    @Ye, you are an idiot… remind of the fool who shouted LIAR when obama was talking and everyone stared with that WTF look on thier face..that is what i am doing right now..where in this post did anyone say he was MJ????smh


  3. AAA

    Well ALright look at chris gettin his mojo back and everyone look at the fifth picture of chris ….lol is it me or dont he just look like a yellow monkey


    LOL Reply:

    @AAA, He do!! LOL


    Rick Reply:


    I’ve always thought he looked like a yellow Monkey! lol


  4. Rick

    I’m done with the whole CB thing, I’ve never been a fan but he’s paying for what he did so more power to him and I wish him luck all around. BUT, I don’t know why the hell he has on them tight (literally) azz pants.. Not a good look, BURN ALL SKINNY JEANS PLEASE!!!! LOL


    Welcome Back Chris Reply:


    He’s a DANCER! It’s easier to dance/move around in skinny jeans.


  5. Rick

    No hate, so please don’t get it twisted. CB is a very talented young man, so I hope he continues on with his music/acting career. But STAYS AWAY from all that other stuff he’s been in the News for..


  6. Welcome Back Chris

    Chris Brown is BACK! Twitter went crazy over him! EVERYBODY said he was FIRE!!!


  7. SwaggerAreUs

    This is one hell of a show!!! I wish I was there! Is this gonna be in different cities?!


  8. Isis

    I’ve got my tickets to the show in Atlanta. It’s going to be even better because it is a small venue….up close and personal with Chris Breezy. I am so excited….can’t wait to see him.


  9. wtf

    goood job breezy…bring the heat booo…get em..i am glad he is back to doing what he loves…people went bananz for him and that is how much love our boy got..cant hold him down..he is here to stay…get em boy..we love you and support you all the way!!!


  10. dr



  11. Cmon

    they have video of his performance of icty and that shit was weak especially the singing and didnt even bother to watch the other 2 vids
    he need to step it up well he doesnt have to because no one cares about all that stuff the will support him and his weak shit no matter what becuase hes cb
    So he will forever have a asterisk by his career for the lackluster performances and half ass no quality or content ass songs
    Wheres the originality and talent????
    No one cares anymore at least not his fan base who know nothing about REAL QUALITY music.


    Reign Reply:

    @Cmon, please go back and post on Rihanna daily!! GTFOH you were great last night Breezy!!


    arie Reply:

    @Cmon, Hi hater. Better yet, just fucking go. As for talent, his fans and all the other haters as yourself, knows he has talents. The problem is, you can’t take it from him. Or is it, that you probably have as much talent as peasing in a pot and throwing out the window.


  12. ,...

    haters gonna hate


  13. Mel

    i see we have both rihanna and chris stans in the house tonight lol, well well niggaz, i sauy fuck what happened in february lets celebrate the comebck of the two most talked about artists in the world..x mwah..x breezyy your show was off the chain..x shesshh..x i cant even describe the feeling of being in that room!!


  14. Glee



  15. Ashton

    dont really like his music but i want those damn shoes he has on… does anytbody know where i can buy them at and what are they called??


  16. Ango

    MISS keri and Breezy where the only ones there that worth.


  17. arie

    Wished I could have been there. Continue to move forward Chris, God blessed you with talents and I hope you continue to use them doing what you love to do, performing. I wish all the haters would move on as well and let you live your life, but I guess not because of the simple fact, they don’t have a life, but a 24hour job, hate.


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