Monica Returns with Two New Singles


It’s been nearly 15 years since Monica first appeared on the scene with her breakthrough debut Miss Thang. After taking time off to focus on her family, the R&B veteran is coming back full force with a reality show and two new singles to satisfy hungry fans.

The 29-year-old singer will release two singles simultaneously from her sixth studio album Still Standing, a ballad called “Here I Am” and an uptempo record entitled “Nothing Like” featuring T-Pain. Both were produced by Polow Da Don.

Monica broke the news to fans on Twitter. “I’m pleased to announce we are releasing 2 singles both produced by Polow. A ballad titled ‘Here I Am’ written by Ester Dean and an uptempo also produced by Polow that features T-Pain titled ‘Nothing Like,’” she tweeted. “This was the best way to satisfy my fans of 15 yrs and the new fans that I hope to gain.”

The mother of two will take over television sets tonight when her reality show “Monica: Still Standing” debuts at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST on BET.

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  1. Dave



  2. Carl



  3. crunkpoet

    im ready as well


  4. Dominicano

    Ester dean gettin her writtin game on and momo need to hurry up!!


  5. malcolm

    everyone pulling a beyonce releasing 2 singles


    Dillon_68 Reply:

    @malcolm, Beyonce didn’t start that you know. The first account of that I can remeber was when Nelly dropped “Flap Ya Wings” and “My Place”. Instead of just 2 singles, he dropped 2 albums!


  6. Giselle

    Good for her. Its good to see her back after so long.


  7. Dave

    Who gives a fuck, if they pulling a Beyonce? This is a diverse world. You have to cater to all audiences. You have to move with the flow of the business, and industry.


  8. 100% Nikehead

    T-pain??? ughh cmon!!! song better be fire cause im tired of hearing T-pains autotuned voice right now.


  9. Esteban

    “Full force.” With a reality show? Really? Boo.


  10. LOL

    I can’t take it. Beyonce fans make me sick! They are the most psychotic people on earth, I swear! Monica can’t release 2 singles? Give me a break.


  11. touche

    beyonce DID NOT start the double single release trend. i’m not quite sure who did, but i know that aaliyah did it way back in 2001 with releasing “more than a woman” and “rock the boat” back to back.

    i agree, beyonce stans are fuckin delusional.


  12. AAA

    I hope she don’t do another song like everytime the beat drop because that was the dumbest song on earth plus it dosent fit her caracter


  13. Kyle

    I really hope this album does well for her. Her last album was hot and is very underrated IMO. I think “Everytime The Beat Drops” messed things up for her. That song was a mess.


  14. jessefbaby

    it really was…. her neww album gunna be gud


  15. Mikey

    Monica, Y would u put lame ass T-Pain on the album!! D.O.A. He is officialy a has been PLEASE rethink his feature on the single…I can’t wait for the comeback you always bring good mp3 material


  16. SwaggerAreUs

    I’m looking forward to any new material from Monica. She has a great voice. There is no reason why she should’ve been on such a long hiatus (besides her family). She shouldn’t have to try and gain a new fanbase because people should be supporting strong talent and Monica has that. Let’s hit it strong Monica.

    BTW: I was just looking at “Don’t Take It Personal” on YouTube the other day. It’s so funny going back to 90s music…


  17. Catie

    If Polow produced the singles then i know i will love them. I can’t wait to hear them.


  18. Harvey

    I’m interested in hearing the uptempo record.


  19. Harvey

    I think it’s dope that she’s releasing 2 singles: an uptempo and a ballad.


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