New Music: 50 Cent f/ Eminem – ‘Psycho’

50 Cent and Eminem

50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct leaks almost a month before its planned release date of November 23. The album includes collaborations with R. Kelly, Ne-Yo, and Fiddy’s Shady affiliate Eminem, who is featured on “Psycho.” Hip-hop’s mad men trade verses so sick, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Download: 50 Cent f/ Eminem – “Psycho”

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  1. amanda

    DOPE!!.. 50 actually did good. He held his own next to Em.


  2. mad

    best song on album that aint a single next to disrespectful


  3. Erik

    daaamn, tha song is retarded, both Em and 50 went hard as hell on it! it’s a shame the album leaked. well, I guess i’ll have to get some extra copies to make sure It’s a classic!


  4. Quilt



  5. Erik

    If I find out who leaked the album, I wont hesitate to kill that person!


  6. casey

    that was good u both did good and em ur still looking good and 50 cent u to


  7. kenville

    bisd will do some numbers album is really gud from his mixtapes i thought it was going 2 be better but i like it


  8. james

    50 cent, and Eminem on a bit, dat s
    gonna da realest hip hop


  9. Nathi

    50 is better queen ross and triple divas


  10. Shell

    This album is great. He went back to the old gritty 50, his voice tone is rough and tough and like I like it. Best songs on cd by far are Crime Wave, Disrespectful, Stretch, Strong Enough and Death To My Enemies. They are all hard and the production is sick. Aah forget it, the whole is just good.


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