On Set of LeToya & Ludacris’ ‘Regret’ Video

Ludacris and LeToya Luckett

Ludacris plays LeToya Luckett’s new man in the video for “Regret,” the third single off her sophomore album Lady Love. The video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Parris (The-Dream, Ludacris, Swizz Beatz). You may recognize the ex-boyfriend as the same model who played LeToya’s love interest in the “She Ain’t Got…” video.

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  1. Rick

    I like her, she doesn’t get enough props bcuz her Album is Bananas and NO ONE really knows about it. Her Label f*cked her over, why isn’t she performing on the Late night shows promoting her Album. Why isn’t she on someones Tour? Makes no sense at all to me..

    She looks great in the Pic’s, so cute!


  2. keke♥'su

    LeToya’s looks good. I’m loving her and Luda. The video should be great. And yes, LeToya’s label fucked up. She has gotten great reviews vocally as well as an all around hot R&B album. Trust she def. on her way.


  3. AAA

    I didn’t know she was so lite but I agree with the first comment she should be promoting


  4. Giselle

    She’s gorgeous.


  5. 100% Nikehead

    Im suprised Capital is giving letoya another video after her Lady love album flopped. But then again its there fault the album did bad in the first place, there was absolutely no promotion. Her first album went platinum and was #1 on the billboard charts and they didnt promote her second album the way it should have been promoted. Captial records is not a good label.


  6. Conjure

    LeToya looks HOT! I wish her all the success with this song!
    Because Capitol seriously fucked her over.


  7. keke♥'su

    @ 100% Nikehead

    Why wouldn’t they give her another song when the song is # 6 on the R&B charts and it’s slowly rising on the HOT 100. They had no choice after they f*cked up premotion. We, the fans helped LeToya. Crapitol didn’t do sh*t.


  8. ~~Quinn~~

    toya look sexy…im happy for the regret video…and i cant wait


  9. lol

    Co sign with Keke’su

    Crapitol Sucks! LeToya STUNNING! I wonder if the purple lipstick is from her Kissable Couture line. HOT!. Luda is looking mighty fine lately.


  10. g

    @NIKEHEAD. Get your facts right. The album did not flop and is still in the BB 200. Regret is #5 URBAN for your info… And furthermore LT’S fans are not to be played with…


  11. reeree

    does anyone know the mans name who plays her ex???


  12. nee

    Chile, his name is Sean Newman. He’s a model and he’s gonna be all mine.


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