Guess Who Got Caught Reading Rap-Up

Guess Who

Which R&B singer, who has a new album on the way, is seen reading Rap-Up?


It’s Omarion! The dancing phenom will release his third solo album Ollusion on January 12, 2010, while the video for his first single “I Get It In” featuring Gucci Mane debuts next week.

Photo credit: Gavin Thomas

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  1. Rap*

    I knew it, that was easy.


  2. Lolita

    Ugh! folks still carve lines in their eyebrows in 2009?
    Thought we left that in 1997?

    *Moving on with my life*


  3. MaZ

    Knew it too!


  4. GRACE

    knew it2 dat its omarion


  5. AAA

    At first I thought it was Jerimih , it looks like he lost weight good because his face was getting round making him look older…but not no more , this pic look like it was takin in the 90′s


  6. dopesincebirth

    i knew it


  7. lol

    I thought it was Trey Songz. Omarion tryna wear denim jacket because he copying Kanye West!


  8. crunkpoet

    lord now someone is copying someone because they wearing a denim jacket???



    AAA Reply:

    @crunkpoet, lol yea you didnt know like beyonce copying rihanna because she wore red lipstick first (sarcastic) anyway nobody copying nobody


  9. B

    RAP-UP…ya’ll gotta come harder. that was too easy! lol, luv you guys……


  10. tell'em

    Of course its him with them damn tacky denim jackets..smh


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